To paraphrase Seattle's infamous '70s slogan, will the last great vintage boutique on Capitol Hill please turn out the lights?

Image: Kyle Johnson
The recently shuttered Kaleidoscope Vision.

Two of the three Kaleidoscope Vision gals packed up their bright, SoCal-by-Paris street wear goods and headed to LA this week; they're concentrating their efforts on their amazingly well-produced (in-house, DIY) online shop and a recently completed line.

We hate to see them go; the word "Community" painted near their front door was no joke. The trio came to town and promptly created a high-style place for togetherness, socializing, workshopping, and partying. No small feat—and here's hoping other retailers will take the lead and think big. Can't wait to see what the KV duo cooks up in Cali.

And word went out this morning that In Commune's space is being cleared for ... yeah, you know, another one of those. The site will be demolished in about three months; no definite close date was given, but Sara Hoffman said via email that she'll continue in some way at least online.

We love the way the shop's cool, minimal approach dovetails so nicely with shops like Totokaelo, so please, Sara, don't delay the web-based version. Long live the high/low closet!

We'll do our best to keep you posted on related developments; in the meantime go shop In Commune now while you can, and stop into Cairo, Indian Summer, and your other favorite spots and show your support of those who remain.

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