Are you having trouble seeing your sweetie this Valentine's Day? And not because they're out of town or have to work, but perhaps things are just a little blurry between you?

Seattle online eyewear company Rivet and Sway may have a solution, and a discount.

Select any three pairs from the brand's lineup of over 70 styles to be shipped to you for a free at-home trial. Wear them around town for a few days, then send 'em back (shipping included) and order your favorite pair—unless, of course, you didn't have a favorite. You're under no obligation to purchase.

Every pair of glasses is $199 and includes prescription lenses and coatings, free advice from a personal stylist, and free two-day shipping.

Place your trial order by February 15 to receive $50 off any style during Rivet and Sway's sweetheart sale. Now to decide which pair goes best with your V-day LBD.