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Many of my Facebook friends were all up in arms the other day when the New York Times came out with its preview of the Met's upcoming punk exhibit, but I doubt they'll fuss much about today's look at the survey of "subversive" fashion and art going up at the New Museum.

Somehow we're protective of Johnny Rotten, but not wool beanies and plaid. I suppose it would be just too ungrunge of us to care. 

In the NYT piece, writer Ruth La Ferla references the Dries Van Noten pieces I mentioned here, calls Courtney Love a "down-and-dirty pop idol," and says that in recent months "the era of Nirvana, Starbucks, and heroin chic has been exploited with a rarefied twist."

Why is fashion so drawn to the idea of Seattle in the 90s? And why do we have such an archetypal Kurt Cobain-esque, Nevermind attitude about it all? Those questions are rhetorical; La Ferla doesn't have answers for them, still, the piece is worth 15 minutes of your day.