A tangerine dream by DVF at Nordstrom. Even the model’s hair complies with Pantone’s predictions.

Each year the fashion hue gurus at Pantone put a color on our wheel and tell us to aim for it.

They just announced that year it’s called Tangerine Tango and looks a little like a piece of pink bubblegum bred with one slice of pumpkin pie and one watermelon wedge. Right?

Last year their color was even pinkier; they claimed it "encouraged us to face everyday troubles with verve and vigor" (pause here to reflect on 2011, did it work?) while this year’s orangey shade is meant to "provide the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward." Which seems an awful lot to ask of a color, really.

You’ve probably already seen a lot of coral-colored merchandise in your world—there are no vacuums in fashion marketing these days—do prepare to see more, though. (And I’m not saying Seattle Met contributor was in on some kind of payola but remember her hot-hued design feature? Vacuums, no; coincidences, plenty.) This year Pantone announced that they collaborated with Sephora to release a lip color in line with color #17-1463.

What’s your take on all this color theory? Will you wear Tangerine Tango in the new year?