Cousins Dustin Nelson and Erica Nelson-Sheehan have a winning, and pretty enviable, formula when it comes to sourcing the decor and lifestyle elements that color their well-loved accessories shop, Hitchcock Madrona

Image courtesy Davenport.

Essentially, the twosome point at a place on the map that they're interested in—hint, it's hardly ever a place that you're interested in; it's not, let's say, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, or Brooklyn... no, think lost cities and modern ghost towns—and then high-tail it for it a long weekend of antique stores and treasure hunts.

Considering the fans they've earned at Hitchcock (fans not just of highly directional earrings but of the mood, vibe, and space they create and recreate in order to showcase them), a home and gift shop was inevitable. And now, there's Davenport.

Located not far from Hitchcock on Madrona's main drag, Nelson says the shop's goods range "from vintage to new in the textile, small furnishings, and gift categories. Think art, quilts, ceramics, throw pillows, chairs, lamps, and more."

Join the neighborhood and other friends on Saturday, May 18 from 6 to 9 to get an insider's look at the new shop. Champagne and excellent taste will be served.


Image via Davenport Madrona's Facebook page.