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Thumbnail for - Just Landed: Dr. Martens Clothing
Apr 28, 2011
If you came of age in the ’90s, chances are decent you owned a pair of Dr. Martens (even if you didn’t, you remember the trend). The brand’s sandals, boots, and mary janes seemed to fit just...
Thumbnail for - ‘Project Runway’ Auditions in Seattle
Apr 28, 2011
Tomorrow, while you and I are returning phone calls and faxing signatures and sitting in meetings, designers from the Seattle area will be trying very hard to impress a panel of judges...
Thumbnail for - Royal Wedding in the Northwest (UPDATED)
Apr 27, 2011
Wedding Wednesday
If you’ve had even a touch Wills-n-Kate fever, it’s probably full blown right about now. And if you have some sort of countdown ticker on your otherwise smart phone and/or you’ve attempted to...
Thumbnail for - Save the Date: Designer Preview
Apr 26, 2011
This year’s Designer Preview, in which partial collections from top designers are brought to your city, has a date. That date is Thursday July 21. It wouldn’t be unwise to at least start...
Thumbnail for - See It: Bill Cunningham New York
Apr 26, 2011
Remember how in the September Issue, Grace Coddington emerges as the unlikely hero? She’s initially set up to be Anna Wintour’s whiny, ugly duckling kicked-around sidekick, and yet it’s...
Thumbnail for - Trunk Show: Erica Gordon
Apr 25, 2011
Where: Click! Design That Fits What: Save 10 percent on any purchase of both a belt and buckle from Seattleite Erica Gordon’s spring line, "Urban Farming." The local artisan cuts and dyes the...
Thumbnail for - Tim Gunn in Bellevue
Apr 25, 2011
Somehow, between mentoring on Project Runway, serving as Liz Claibornes’ chief creative officer, preparing to host a new makeover show, calling out Anna Wintour’s behavior, and fighting fashion...
Thumbnail for - Destination: Madrona
Apr 22, 2011
We visit three high-style boutiques in the Seattle neighborhood of Madrona.
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: More Madrona Shopping [Updated]
Apr 22, 2011
Ready to check out Destination: Madrona and get to know Kate Link at Guesthouse? [Update: Guesthouse is now closed.] While you’re in the neighborhood, you’ll want to avail yourself of some other...
Thumbnail for - Video: Joe Zee Says
Apr 22, 2011
Joe Zee, he who dispenses what-not-to-wear type style advice in every issue of Elle magazine and also finds time to weigh in on fashion and industry matters on reality shows here and there was at...
Listing 1651 - 1660 of 2549 Results