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Thumbnail for - Sonic Boom Leaving the Hill
Jun 21, 2011
Sonic Boom’s closing up shop on Capitol Hill. Thank the shopping gods the Ballard branch isn’t too far away. The music emporium is the second store in the Melrose Market area to shutter in recent...
Thumbnail for - Shopping Map: 18 Seattle Essentials
Jun 20, 2011
In thinking of your summer guests and mine, smart travelers from other smart cities who want to know where and how to see Seattle style in action, I thought I’d make a list of 12 must-shop spots...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Will You Wear It in Seattle? Resort 2012
Jun 17, 2011
Resort is a weird season. Even weirder that it’s sometimes called "cruise." The name alone feels antiquated. Resort? We’re lucky if we get a staycation these days. But it used to be that clients...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Nordic Fashion Biennale at the Nordic Heritage Museum
Jun 16, 2011
If I told you that one of our local museums was hosting a fashion happening that had the potential to really boost local talent and will definitely add knowledge, insight, and experience to the...
Thumbnail for - Beads of Courage Concert
Jun 16, 2011
Fashionable Giving
Where: The Moore Theatre What: The David Grisman Sextet performs a benefit concert for the Seattle chapter of Beads of Courage, a non-profit aimed at lifting the spirits of children experiencing...
Thumbnail for - Party Ideas I: Heather Christo
Jun 15, 2011
Girl at a Party: Oh, a wedding magazine, how fun! Actually, I can’t believe I just said that; I’m in two weddings this fall and planning all the parties is stressing me out. I’m not having very...
Thumbnail for - What’s Your Take On … Seattle in Vogue?
Jun 14, 2011
Seattle Style News
And that’s what I get for not reading American Vogue on any kind of regular basis. (I won’t pretend to prefer ‘reading’ the Parisian or Italian version, but when I do pick them up, it’s the...
Thumbnail for - Sale: SportsWise
Jun 14, 2011
Where: The Canal Building; 716 N 34 St in Fremont What: Just in time for bathing suit weather, Sportswise is throwing another warehouse sale. This one’s just for the ladies. Expect discounts of...
Thumbnail for - Virtual Reality: Entropies
Jun 13, 2011
Seattleite Luke Haynes has always been intrigued by functional art. He studied architecture in college and worked in the field before opening his virtual shop, Entropies. "I think there are a lot...
Thumbnail for - Retail News: Totokaelo Moves Up and Out
Jun 10, 2011
Retail News
Of the infinite number of ways to group people in Seattle, one would be: 1. Those that obsessively, cultishly, fiendishly find inspiration and wardrobe pieces at Totokaelo, the women’s shop on...
Listing 1641 - 1650 of 2607 Results