61-64 (From Left to Right):

The Klean Kanteen Reflect
Sustainably harvested bamboo, food-grade silicon, stainless steel. Nothing else. $36, Second Ascent

The Uptown Voyager
Northwest outfitter Columbia Sportswear’s tote resists light rain and most staining liquids; in the event you get caught in a downpour, the treated nylon dries three to five times faster than nontreated fabrics. It’s like a puffy coat for your laptop. $65, Columbia Sportswear

Black Sage Pro
Any yogi will tell you that Manduka’s brand-new yoga mat is the best one money can buy. Yogis who camp will tell you it’s awesome for overnighters, too. $100, Samadhi Yoga

Electronics Sleeve
Make sure your new Kindle Fire makes the best-dressed list: Slip it into a Day-Glo neoprene sleeve. $2, Daiso Japan

Home Entertainment
We’re a music town with a mind for film—and a sitcom and docudrama or two. Streaming media? Yeah, we’re okay with that, also.

tv illustration
Image: Joel Kimmel

65 Samsung UN40D6300 40-inch LED HDTV. $1,200, Magnolia Audio Video 

roku box
Image: Joel Kimmel

Roku 2XS enables 300 channels of sports, music, games, movies, and television shows. $100, Amazon

macbook air
Image: Joel Kimmel

67 Eleven-inch MacBook Air: fast, complete (although there’s no optical disc drive, but who burns CDs anymore, anyway?), and light. $999, Apple Store

turn table illustration
Image: Joel Kimmel

68 This made-in-the-UK Rega RP1 turntable is the best-selling LP spinner at the U District’s analog emporium. $445, Hawthorne Stereo

sonos zoneplayer illustration
Image: Joel Kimmel

69 Sonos Zoneplayer broadcasts digital music from your computer to your home speakers. $350, Magnolia Audio Video

home theater system illstration
Image: Joel Kimmel

70 Harman Kardon’s BDS 800 Blu-Ray Theater System plays music, movies, and multimedia files from a USB port; an HD-enabled receiver spins all modern discs. The strength of the speakers might, however, annoy the neighbors—or at least make them jealous. $1,499, Amazon