swissmar sugar rim plate illustration
Image: Joel Kimmel

Mixology Tools
Because no one drinks mediocre cocktails in this town, Ba Bar’s bar manager, Evan Martin, gave us the scoop.

22 Swissmar Sugar Rim Plate
So when someone wants salt on her margarita, the kitchen doesn’t have to flip upside down.$15, Amazon

lewis bag illustration
Image: Joel Kimmel

23 Lewis Bag
Designed by Seattle bartender Mike McSorley and his fashion-designer girlfriend Malia Peoples, this industrial-grade baggie allows you to crush ice for mint juleps, mojitos, and other specialty drinks. $48, McSology 

channel knife illustration
Image: Joel Kimmel

24 Oxo Good Grips Channel Knife
Because a proper Vesper requires long lemon peel spirals. $8, Amazon

Image: Joel Kimmel

25 Oxo Good Grips Fine Strainer
Catch small ice chunks that water down drinks, and pulp from fresh fruit purees. $8, Amazon

Local Glass Art
There are Seattleites who swoon for the giant gem-colored abstract glass amoebas that loom in our city’s archways, and those who…don’t. Regardless, blown glass is very much a part of our scene.


26  Ethan Stern’s blown, cut, and wheel-engraved bowl. $3,600, Vetri

27  Blown and etched-glass basket by Jeremy Newman and Allison Ciancibelli. $700, Vetri

28 Hugh Willa’s blown and sculpted skull. $600, Far 4