18 Solo Seafaring Vessel
Even if you park a yacht at the end of your own Carillon Point dock, there’s nothing like slicing through seat-level salt water all by yourself. The instructors at REI say paddlers of all stripes like the “stable and approachable” Old Town Vapor kayak. $399, REI

19 Family Board Games
The unplugged gamers at Blue Highway nominate Dixit Odyssey, the updated version of the popular storytelling game Dixit, as this year’s game of the season. Hive Carbon is this millennium’s version of dominoes. $37 and $36, Blue Highway Games


20 Sleek Stroller
Your tiny genius already displays a kind of studied cool. The just-released all-black Bugaboo Bee means the little hipster doesn’t have to travel in a pastel pram. $649, Amazon

21 Crafted Journal
We are a pensive and contemplative
lot, aren’t we? Track your thoughts, sketch your observations, or just document dinners out in a handmade leather-backed journal by local designer Deneen Shank. $31, No Boundaries