Traditional Textiles

Pendleton’s classic wool blankets look right at home in Craftsman houses, midcentury ramblers, and neo-modern condos. From $168, Pendleton

Immortal Houseplant

The Beaucarnea guatemalensis—you can call it a ponytail palm—has tropical roots, but it likes our northern perspective just fine. Brandon Peterson, owner of the Palm Room in Ballard, calls it a survivor, so even if you’re a busy business traveler with a black thumb, this guy will happily oxygenate your supershady great room while you’re away. $68 as shown, The Palm Room


Grand Grill

The Big Green Egg is a smoker, a grill, and an oven all in one, and capable of cooking a 20-pound turkey, eight steaks, seven racks of ribs (vertically), or, you know, your legal limit of wild salmon. Starts at $848, Sutter Home and Hearth


4 Kickass Headphones
Austrian audio hounds created the AKG Q701 in collaboration with former Seattleite Quincy Jones, so maybe they’ll end up playing a part in your chart-busting pop masterpiece. But you might also just employ them to soundtrack your crosstown bus trip. $479, Amazon