\’dēlz\ n. 1. advantageous purchases allowing sports fans and culture junkies to better enjoy their favorite activities: While gathering supplies for her trip to Whistler, Sam sealed the deal on a new snowboard from Ski Mart. 2. high quality restaurant meals and party goods that insiders find for less: Other brides spend a bundle on wedding wine, but Julie got deep discounts on deals at the Seattle Wine Outlet. 3. decorative items for the home or garden bestowed with new or renewed purpose: Nera saved a bundle when she scored a deal with a salvaged chandelier from the ReStore. 4. acquisitions that help style and spa shoppers stand out in a crowd without killing the kids’ college funds: While his trendy friends cycle through “fast fashion” rags, Juan keeps things classic with steals and deals on designer duds from Gentlemen’s Consignment.