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"Our favorite family getaways have been to the Silver Mountain Resort (what happens in Idaho stays in Idaho) and the Caboose Cabin at the Five Pine Lodge in Sisters, Oregon. Can you say free wine hour every night?"—Katie Hale Coats
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"Wakeboarding down near Shelton. Long drive out of the city to the peace and quiet of the lake."—Chris Deitrick
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"Killer Whales off Golden Gardens in Ballard last weekend."—William Drumm
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"There is no better place to be than Orcas Island! On top of Mt. Constitution is the most beautiful place on the island where you can see all of the San Juans!"—Gina Wickstead
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"Mayfield Lake in Southwest Washington is gorgeous! A hidden gem of great boating, camping, and amazing scenery."—Adrienne
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"The cabins at Kalaloch! Who can resist waking up to that view?"—Shevaun Brown
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"My favorite spot to vacation is the Oregon Coast. One of my favorite cities with a lot to do for the whole family is Seaside. I love the spontaneity of weather and the sandy beaches are amazing. It's almost an instant form of relaxation for me."—Sarah Jacobs
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