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Breakfast: Roxy’s Diner
When you’ve got tots mixed with pork or vegetarian sausage, spinach, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese, you’re bound to have the best day ever. Start the day with the tater tot scramble and a cup of joe at this Fremont staple.
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Lunch: Lunchbox Laboratory
Gavacho’s totchos is a masterpiece executed with cheesy sauce, bacon bits, green onions, and sour cream. But brace yourself for what seems to be innocent ketchup drizzled on top—it's really a spicy punch of Satan’s Tears ketchup.
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Lunch: Jules Maes Saloon
Tots. Bacon. Cheddar and Jack cheese. Heaven. This Georgetown dive bar opens at 11am, so you can get the world famous flatliner all day long.
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Afternoon Snack: Radiator Whiskey
The regular tots arrives with some adornment: a peppered fried egg topped precariously on the mound of tots and mustard-based gravy poured over the whole shebang. The major dilemma is whether to use a fork or your fingers when chowing down — it’s a messy one for sure.
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Happy Hour: Americana
This quartet comes out only during happy hour (Tuesday to Friday from 4:30-6:30). The smoked gouda tater tots upgrade your typical tots to warm, gooey gouda-filled potato capsules.
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Happy Hour: Six Arms
Come as early as 3 and get these Cajun tots cheap - $2 cheap. The crispy bits come with Cajun seasonings and a side of peppercorn ranch for dipping.
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Dinner: Heartland Café
The tater tot casserole is an exercise in massive Midwestern-style goodness. Think of it as a tot-centric version of shepherd’s pie with ground beef, onions, peas, corn, and carrots, all mixed in a mushroom cream sauce with a topping of tots standing in for mashed potatoes. Naturally there's baked cheddar cheese on top.
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Dinner: Zayda Buddy
Dontcha wanta try some taco tots? The Minnesota-inspired spot serves tots coated with taco seasoning and served with a side of sour cream.
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Dessert: 8oz. Burger and Co.
If you think tots can only be savory, these will prove you wrong. Sweet potato tots come glazed with cinnamon powdered sugar and honey curry aioli.
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Late Night: Nacho Borracho
Good sober, even better drunk. The totchos will satisfy those late night drunchies after (or during) your journey through Capitol Hill’s nightlife. Topped with beef or beans, these babies are sure to give normal tortilla chips a run for their money.
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