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When prostate cancer left a neighbor bedridden and stage IV liver cancer was claiming a close friend, Alison Draisin mixed marijuana into some old family recipes to help alleviate their pain.
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She had plucked the recipes from a book, parts of which had been passed along for five generations, starting with her great-great-grandmother Ethel Goldstein.
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Draisin's baked goods helped increase the cancer patients’ appetites and assuaged the pain and nausea caused by chemotherapy.
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She eventually perfected the recipes, using strong flavors like cinnamon, cloves, and peanut butter to mask the taste of cannabis.
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Draisin knew she wasn’t going to save lives, that the patients were up against the clock. But after her neighbor "laid there and said to me, ‘Promise me you’ll do something with this,’ meaning the edibles," Ettalew's Medibles was born.
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Ettalew’s calling card: Grandma’s seven-layer bar, made with graham cracker, coconut, butterscotch, chocolate, pecan, and marijuana.
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What was once a childhood treat is now potent medicine.
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Draisin and her team now make the bars every Sunday in an industrial kitchen in Ballard.
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On the label: “This is strong medicine! Start with ¼ of the treat and wait 45 minutes. If necessary, add a little more until desired result is achieved.”
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“The joke in my family,” says Draisin, “is that I’ve taken grandma’s food to another level. My brother’s like, ‘Man, I wish Grandma used to put this stuff in.’”
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Grandma’s seven-layer bar and other treats are now sold in more than 30 dispensaries throughout the state.
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On the package of each cookie, cupcake, and muffin Draisin printed her brand name, chosen in honor of her grandmother Ethel and her grandfather Louis.
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