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“I can definitely see Hawaii, probably in April or May.… I love the Halekulani Hotel, which is on Waikiki. They have the best Mai Tai in Hawaii, so that’s why I like that place.” —Jennifer Shea, founder of Trophy Cupcakes
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“First trip, I think, is down to the Bay Area. I’m going on a little wine tasting in the Russian River valley, that is the plan at this point. I’m going to meet my sister and her husband there. We’re going to work our way through the valley, one winery at a time.”—Roger Levesque, former Seattle Sounders player
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“We’re just going to Molokai to relax, we don’t have any plans.… [My wife] did all planning and the choosing. If it was up to me, we’d be going to Whistler.” —Nathan Lockwood, Altura chef
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“We go to Greece after my buying trip in Europe. It’s nice—I go to my little island that I won’t tell anybody about. [I] hang out on the old farm and daydream.… I like to go to places where I don’t have to talk to anybody—I find it really relaxing.” —John Richards, owner of Jack Straw
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“I’m headed to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, which is where my family has vacationed for 30-plus years.… The Atlantic Ocean is so much warmer, so you can actually swim in it.” —John Cook, cofounder of GeekWire
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“Every year, my wife and five-year-old boy, we go to Belize. I’m a big fly fisherman, so I try to spend a couple of weeks a year down there. It is just fly-fishing and hanging out.” —James Weimann, co-owner of Bastille, Poquitos, and Von Trapp’s
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“Every summer, we go to Whistler at least for a couple weeks in the summer. It’s fantastic—you can go mountain biking all over the place. You can take the chair up to the top or ride multiple trails everywhere. There’s canoeing, kayaking, tons of hiking, and then there’s these alpine bobsleds.” —Deming Maclise, co-owner of Bastille, Poquitos, and Von Trapp’s
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“I think we’re going to go to Cape Cod to rent a house for probably a week or so. It’s getting away and seeing a part of the country we haven’t really explored that much. And also for me, it’s huge because I’m a big baseball fan. The Cape Cod league is a kind of younger baseball league; it’s all outdoor fields, sitting on the grass, and having a beer as you watch the game.” —Ethan Stowell, chef and owner of Tavolàta, How to Cook a Wolf, Anchovies and Olives, Rione XIII, and Staple and Fancy
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“In March I’m going to Peru. I’ll visit with cocoa farmers in the north, and then fly down south to Cusco and see some of the Inca ruins.… We’re going up and staying in Piura and up in the foothills where the cocoa is. It’s really off the beaten path and a beautiful town. We do day trips up into the mountains to visit with the farmers while we’re there.” —Joe Whinney, founder and CEO of Theo Chocolate
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“Suncadia with the kids, Cabo on a girlfriends trip, and a Riviera trip with my husband. …I drink a lot of margaritas [in Cabo]. Snorkeling and parasailing are two of the top activities in Cabo, which isn’t my cup of tea. Zip-lining is becoming increasingly popular, as is four-wheeling in the desert.… I’m a spa and lying-by-the-pool girl, to be super honest.” —Sarah Gavin, director of PR and social media at Expedia
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“I will be going to Silverton, Oregon. I’m going with all the designers on a show to scope out the local scene and get inspiration for the design of the show.… If it’s a road trip, I become very American: I allow myself to eat breakfast at McDonald’s. I love road trip games, especially if they include song.” —Andrew Russell, artistic director of Intiman Theatre
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“As God’s honest truth, I don’t have tickets purchased to go anywhere.… Since I cover UW football, I know I’m going to places they’re going next year. They have a trip to Chicago for a game in September. That’s nine months away, so lots can change. It’s kind of how journalism works—you never know what you’re doing from day to day.” —Bob Condotta, sports reporter for The Seattle Times
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“I’m a big fan of Southeast Asia, and I love going in the winter because it’s summer there when it’s winter here. I’m going to Bali this year, in May. It’s my very favorite place on the planet, and I’ve been to a lot of places. It’s called Como Shambhala Estate…. It’s totally a complete escape from the madness of life and it really puts you into a sense of Zen and calm.” —Jill Donnelly, owner of Baby and Co.
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“We’re going to Australia and New Zealand, which is kind of crazy for a whole bunch of reasons. ‘Thrift Shop’ went six times platinum in Australia; it was number one for seven weeks. And crazily enough, it just got replaced by ‘Same Love’ as the number one record in Australia…. Dublin has some of the craziest shows I’ve ever played. It has a lot of similarities to Seattle in terms of size, the environment, and the culture. It’s different, obviously—it’s fucking Ireland—but at the same time I think it’s a pretty special place for all of us.” —Ryan Lewis, music and visual producer for Macklemore
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“In 2013, I’m on the road for four months, as usual. The difference is that this year I’ll be spending lots of time in the East Mediterranean—10 days in Egypt scouting for two TV shows, a week in Israel, a week in the Palestinian Territories scouting for two more TV shows, and then two weeks in Turkey filming shows there.… Then I’ll be back in more familiar territory—Europe—for guidebook research and travel fun.” —Rick Steves, travel expert
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“There’s a little place in Sausalito, outside of San Francisco, we like to go. My wife likes to go see the sights, but I’m the last guy that you would want to ask, because I have zero interest in travel.” —Lorenzo Romar, head men’s basketball coach at the University of Washington
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