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Marination Ma Kai takes over the Seacrest Boathouse property in West Seattle. (Rentals will continue out back.)
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The seaside spot provides considerable more seating than the 600-square-foot Marination Station on Capitol Hill, the initial brick-and-mortar offshoot of Marination Mobile.
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The bar will sling housemade cocktails including a lychee margarita and jalapeno kamikaze, as well as tap and bottled beer. Perhaps most exciting, though, is that shave ice machine owners Roz Edison and Kamala Saxton imported from Hawaii.
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The view from the patio, to be populated with Adirondack chairs and tables. It's something, isn't it?
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A sign greeting patrons explains the meaning of ma kai.
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Upon stepping inside, you are reminded of Marination's roadside roots. That's the same checkered stainless steel that lines the truck.
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Marination Ma Kai is slated to open October 3.
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