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Rick + Anna Photography and Maris Events:
"Our overall vision for this shoot was to bring out all of the wonderful elements of the Northwest, and to embrace a natural and all-local theme. From the venue, Nature's Connection, to the amazing glamping tent, to the flowers, everything was sourced from our great Northwest backyard. We wanted to showcase how amazing, quirky, and beautiful all-natural and local can be."
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"Green Lake Jewelry Works houses a fantastic array of pieces by local jewelry artists all under one roof. The shop has more traditional items, but it's best known for their custom and distinctive work. After describing our mission to owner Kristin, she helped guide us through their cases of engagement rings and bands. The ones that we photographed here have a beautiful wood and titanium inlay: natural, organic, and modern."

Styled by Maris Events on books filled with outdoor-themed love poems sourced from a local thrift shop.
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"Our goal was to shoot something that Pacific Northwesterners could identify with: the duality of city meets woods. Many of our friends and neighbors here in the Emerald City are urban farmers, tree house designers, woodworkers, chefs, techies, fishermen—you name it. This theme was a small attempt at paying homage to Seattle, and providing inspiration to Northwest brides and other creative types."
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"While we love the whole farm-to-table feel, we wanted to include more modern elements in the scene. Sustainable furniture company Elpis & Wood custom-made a long side table that would serve as a buffet, a bench, and a coffee table; and provided this beautiful slab that served as our headboard.

Props in this photo supplied by Mad Props, a new venture from the multitalented Megan Bingham of Off White Beauty and her business partner Bianca. The two were more than generous in lending us some of their fabulous pieces, especially in the case of Bianca's personal antler collection."
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Flowers by Althauser Design.
"We work with Theresa Althauser regularly—she is a bounty of creativity and resourcefulness. She always manages to have just the thing we need, or if all else fails, she puts her (or her husband's) handy skills to work. For this project she sourced most of the flowers from the local supply market and included details like fiddle heads, pheasant feathers, ferns, and moss to bring in the Northwest elements. Painting an amazing wooden branch piece gold and adorning it with handmade local beeswax candles is just a tiny example of how Theresa adapts and creates from what she has on hand."

Handmade living edge table by Elpis & Wood.
Design by Maris Events.
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Save the date created by Citlali Creativo.
"We love this husband-and-wife team. They always pull through with beautiful designs and inventive ways of revamping traditional elements. In this case, they expertly pulled in all of the elements of the theme, from the small tent design to the heart placed on Seattle."
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"With certain elements, including the flatware, we really aimed to bring out the glamour in glamping. In this case, we brought in that element with gold flatware from a private family heirloom collection. You can also see the amazing wood piece created by Althauser Design in the backgroup, adorned with homemade local beeswax candles."

Design by Maris Events.
Florals by Althauser Design.
Paper goods by Citali Creativo.
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"Our gorgeous models for this shoot are an actual Northwest couple who will be tying the knot later this year. They loved being part of a such an earthy and local endeavor. Her dress, created by Seattle bridal gown designer Chrissy Wai-Ching, is one of a kind, pieced together with raw silk. Her bouquet (also by Althauser Design) brought in seasonal local elements. Including a few bird feathers was an incredible touch that added great texture and originality to the design."
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"The dessert bar, styled by Maris Events, included treated created from all local ingredients: cherry pie pops, an apple tart, latticed topped berry pie, lemon meringue tartlets, and chocolate hazelnut tartlets. The hard part was choosing our favorites."
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Desserts created by Dianne's Delights.
"Diane is the dessert buffet and cake ball queen. These cherry pie pops were a true treat, and a gorgeous way to bring in the pie element that we were craving. "
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"This shoot embodied everything that we love about the Northwest, and the models were the perfect Northwestern couple. Imagine marrying in an intimate ceremony in the woods, followed by a locally-sourced celebration and glamping under the stars. Perfect for the rugged, the adventurous, and the glamorous."
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