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Emma Ranniger, Style Intern
'I found Frank Body Scrub via Instagram, and after reading up on its effects, I promptly ordered four packs. Use the all-natural coffee scrub dry in your bathtub to target stretch marks, cellulite, skin irritations, and varicose veins. It exfoliates with a brown sugar/sea-salt combo and moisturizes with pressed oils. The only downside? Standing cold and naked in your bathtub for ten minutes while it dries. Nonetheless, it has quickly become my must-have summer item. Choose from the natural mix, cacao, or coconut and grape seed ($15-$18).'

Image via Frank Body's Facebook page
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Jamyrlyn Mallory, Hair and Makup Artist (and Cool Mom)
'My makeup faves for the summer are the new Lip Tar stained glosses from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics ($18, Sephora). They come in a variety of colors and formulas. I typically love the matte formula, but for summer I think this stain is a great way to have a sheer look that will stay on longer than a regular gloss. My shade pick: Aurora, a sheer soft pink.'

Image via Sephora
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Kaija Mistral Towner, Hair and Makeup Artist
'One of my favorite summer routines in my greenhouse apartment is to get completely naked, put on rubber gloves, and apply Xen Tan ($40, Nordstrom). I love having sexy brown shoulders and not having to use every minute of free time laying out like its my part-time job (like in 10th grade). Oh and to save myself from skin cancer. Righto.'

Image via Xen Tan
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Melissa Korn, Hair and Makeup at Barneys
'My favorite summer product for both my clients and myself is the Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Bronzing Veil in Tropical Days ($48, Barneys New York), a silky powder bronzer that instantly transforms pale, lifeless skin to a believable warm shade with a radiant finish. Gorgeous crystal pigments of gold,silver, and bronze blend together for that perfect (and safe!) beach-worthy glow.'

Image via Kevyn Aucoin
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Tiffany Colors, Image Consultant/Hair and Makeup Artist
'Susan Grace is my skincare go-to and a master esthetician. Not only does she give great facials but she created a Pacific Northwest–focused line, Partly Sunny, that targets and understands our weather and environment, complete with this Tone Well vitamin D spray ($29; uh, hello to every vitamin D deficient Seattleite out there). It is super refreshing and rehydrating for getting our skin back to its best.'

Image via Partly Sunny Skincare
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Amanda Zurita, Assistant Style Editor
'I know all about the benefits of sun protection and I haven't seen a tanning bed since I was a teen, but for whatever reason I still struggle applying sunscreen every day. Or at least I did until I discovered the Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF ($30, Sephora). No sticky mess, easy to apply and tote around in my purse, and most importantly, it works. Powdered sunscreen, people. This is a game changer for me.'

Image via Peter Thomas Roth
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