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The Met Set
The Shop Talk team's most coveted Seattle-sourced items for the month of May.
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Shop Talk Contributor, Kelsey Kaufman
'I deny that summer is coming until about mid-July, and then give in to buying a single pair of shorts to wear only when (absolutely) necessary. The rest of the time it’s strictly vintage denim cut-offs. When I spotted these high-rise scalloped shorts by Samantha Pleet ($128) at Glasswing I actually started looking forward to those sticky, warm months. The leaf shape is surprisingly flattering.'

Image via Glasswing
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Laura Cassidy, Style Editor
'Secret: I've only recently begun to truly stick to a nightly face-cleansing ritual. Scandalous, I know. I need easy, yet I want it to feel indulgent, too. If I can trick myself into 'getting' to wash my face, I won't be annoyed that I need to wash my face. Tatcha's Camellia Cleansing Oil ($48)—find it at Barneys at Pacific Place—is a beautiful and crazy easy bait-and-switch.'

Image via Tatcha
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Amanda Zurita, Assistant Style Editor
'I just moved for the umpteenth time—and while packing up and neighborhood hopping every year isn't ideal, I love that I'm always redefining my personal space to meet my headspace. Currently that's a serene boho vibe with flashes of subdued glamor, perfectly summed up in this weaved wall-hanging ($1,250) from local artist Justine Ashbee's Native Line collection.'

Image via Native Line
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Conor Romack, Editorial Intern
'We on the ad-visory board suggest a lightweight sun shield that adds a little current season Marni-meets-'90s hip hop-meets-tennis pro flair. Enter: the Clyde visor from Totokaelo with its all-around straw brim and cotton sash detailing ($194, also available in black).'

Image via Totokaelo
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Emma Ranniger, Style Intern
'I've been coveting these Strathcona Citrus and Peach Stockings ($38) since we shot them for Seattle Met Spring Fashion. The Craft and Culture x Solestruck collab took my fiending to the next level when I saw how easy the prints pair with pretty much any ensemble. Because, I figure, if I'm gonna jump on the Birkenstock and socks bandwagon, I'll at least do it right.'

Image via Craft and Culture
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