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The Met Set
The Shop Talk team's most coveted Seattle-sourced items for the month of June.
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Amanda Zurita, Assistant Style Editor
'I'm traveling abroad quite a bit this month and I'm always sure to pack at pocket knife for, say, cutting chapters out of my guidebook, slicing up some pecorino, and the other random instances where I find myself in need of something sharp. My packing philosophy is to meld form and function as much as possible, hence my love of this stainless steel Single Blade Lock Knife with a bone handle ($98) from Scout Seattle, available at the Frye Art Museum shop.'

Image via Scout Seattle
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Conor Romack, Editorial Intern
'This hand-dyed Milkhaus Design tote ($92) is my summer dream made reality: large enough to squeeze a towel into, sturdy enough to hold a book or two, and versatile enough to head straight from the office to Lake Washington. Pragmatics aside, I'm all for resurrecting tie-dye this summer to play around with mixing and matching colors and prints. You can find it in a number of hues at Moorea Seal in Belltown, along with a selection of other colorful carryalls.'

Image via Moorea Seal
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Style Editor, Laura Cassidy
'I keep looking at these cool, locally made alterna-extension cord dealies ($70) at Hammer and Awl wondering how I can put one to use. The other day while humming a little too loudly to myself in the garden it dawned on me. This thing—I love this color way, but they're all really good—is going to be a backyard companion to my old-school boombox and me all summer long.'

Image via Hammer and Awl
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Emma Ranniger, Style Intern
'Personally, I think key chains are an underrated accessory of sorts. I spotted this Alice Noon tassel ($30) months ago, after snagging up her lunch bag clutch at the Love City Love Hangout Shop. You can request other colors and designer Tiffany Eley will handcraft them for you here in Seattle. I like the idea of adding texture and movement to my cluster of keys, but it was the 'tough biker chick' vibe that really sealed the deal.'

Image via Alice Noon
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Shop Talk Contributor, Kelsey Kaufman
'I try to wear the least amount of makeup possible during the summertime, and the m-61 Power Glow Peel ($28–$62) from Bluemercury lets me get away with it. Don’t let the word 'peel' scare you—the treatment is just a presoaked exfoliating towelette that's super gentle (even on sensitive skin). My skin has never looked more radiant, glowy, and even…and it has only been three days.'

Image via Bluemercury
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