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Nickname Cat (He’s trans-species)
Breed Yorkie-Poo
Age 9 years
Where Found Porter was rescued from a puppy mill. Because he has a “troubled past,” he has had a lot of health problems. Most notably, he had to have both his eyes removed. Despite his disadvantages, he’s the cuddliest guy you’ve ever met. He loves to cuddle into you just like a cat and walks on two paws like a circus dog when he greets you at the door. Most importantly, Porter is a talented singer. He can sing "Happy Birthday" on key and matches his voice to his adult friends.
Favorite Toy Waffles
Favorite Treat Beggin’ Strips
Favorite Thing to Do Sing "Happy Birthday"
Interesting Fact He loves to sing "Happy Birthday" and John Lennon’s "Well Well Well." He will also sing to any Don’t Talk to the Cops song.
Special Qualities He had both eyes removed due to glaucoma. He relies on his seeing eye dog, Waffles, to get around. Waffles is a giant Goldendoodle and they make quite a funny pair.
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Nickname The Waffler
Breed Goldendoodle
Age 7 months
Where Found I was eating waffles one morning and decided I wanted a Goldendoodle to help my blind dog around the house—a seeing eye dog for my dog. I found Waffles two days later and named her Waffles after my favorite food and the food I was eating when I decided to get her.
Favorite Toy Whatever is my favorite pair of shoes or favorite piece of furniture
Favorite Treat Yogurt!
Favorite Thing to Do Ride in the back of my vintage convertible with the wind blowing in her face
Interesting Fact Goldendoodles’ hair changes as it grows older. I was really worried she would be too curly, so I changed which pup from the litter was “Waffles” six times over a period of three weeks. I kept changing pups to make sure I got the right one. She was actually the first one I picked and I circled back around to her at the end. She’s perfect.
Special Qualities She helps her blind brother around the house. Also, she was adopted as Oddfellows' official spokesdog this summer since she loved to sit on the patio while her owners enjoyed fabulous cocktails and appetizers.
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Nickname Fat Monster
Breed Bernese Mountain Dog
Age 7 years
Where Found Some people go to Craigslist and find furniture, roommates, maybe even love—well, I found my pup Bosley! Technically he was named “Elvis Presley” when I adopted him, but that quickly changed after meeting him and learning what a dopey goofball he is. Bosley just suited him much better!
Favorite Toy He loves to steal avocados off the kitchen counter, eat them, and then use the pits as a toy, pushing them around the floor with his nose.
Favorite Treat His love of food is unmatched by any dog I’ve ever met, so it’s impossible to name just one treat. The guy gets just as excited about getting a bite of steak as he does eating trash. He’s one hungry fella.
Favorite Thing to Do The most exciting part of the day is meal time, followed shortly by a long nap. The nap is then succeeded by a hunt around the house for any scraps that might have been left over from previous meals, which is tiring, so is shortly followed by nap number two.
Interesting Fact Twice now, we have had a mason jar on the counter filled with goodies—once it was almonds, another time it was candy corn. We have come home to find the jars—empty—on his dog bed. How he gets the mason jars off the counter without breaking them is one thing, but then how he opens them...well, who knows? Maybe he’s got secret opposable thumbs. His knack for finding food in the most unlikely places is astonishing. We’ll go on hikes and let him run off leash for a bit, and without fail every time he’ll come back with a sandwich or a banana peel. Are there hikers having their lunches stolen while they’re looking the other way? Probably. He’s our little Yogi Bear.
Special Qualities As much as we make fun of our little Fat Monster for his lazy ways, he’s truly the kindest, most loving pup around. Any time we tie him up outside the coffee shop or bring him to the farmers market he leaves with at least five new friends. Young, old, everyone loves to come up to Bosley and pet his head. Kids love to pull his fluffy tail, and he just loves to be adored. We walk to Starbucks in the morning and he waits outside, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found someone sitting on the ground curled up next to Bosley because they just couldn’t resist his cuddliness. They always tell me, “This guy just made my day.” Knowing that Bosley can bring a smile to anyone’s face and brighten their day—well, that just makes my day as well. The picture I included is one of my favorites. We took this on a lazy Saturday morning while he was snuggled up in bed with us getting his tummy scratched. As you can tell, he’s one happy guy.
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Nickname Snorty
Breed Manx
Age 8 years
Where Found It was love at first snort. I went to the Bellevue Animal Shelter on a busy Saturday and I went into the only non-busy room to look at another cat. I sat down on the floor, and this tiny matted ball of fur that I hadn’t even noticed crawled out of a shelf, snorted, and rubbed up against my leg. I was smitten.
Favorite Toy Mouse on a wire
Favorite Treat Dry cat food
Favorite Thing to Do Roll around
Interesting Fact The shelter had named her Josie (for Josie Grossie), but I renamed her Laila after Laila Ali. She’s a pretty little fighter and she deserves such a name. The picture is from the day I got her at the shelter—she looks much healthier today (9 months later), but I just love this picture.
Special Qualities It’s hard not to fall in love with this little lady. Her snort (she was hit by a car and her nose is broken), polydactyl toes, lack of a tail, love of rolling around like a dog, affection, watery eyes, and bloody nose all make her adorable, but her capacity to love makes her beautiful.
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Breed Holland Lop bunny
Age 5 years
Where Found He was being abandoned by a family that had grown tired of him after four weeks.
Favorite Treat Carrot and Raisin Bunny Biscotti
Interesting Fact He pushed everything off the nightstand to make it his bed and the spot at which he receives his night snack of a raisin, and he goes berserk when a bottle of good port is opened, as it smells like the biggest and best raisin in the world.
Special Qualities Having a bunny around has not only made us eat healthier—more vegetables and fruit—it has made us so much more appreciative of animal rescues and all the work they do. Tilbert has brought so much joy, we have since adopted six more abandoned bunnies. He is named after Seattle Tilth, which at the same time turned us around in our land care.
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Nicknames Rox and Ally
Breeds Boxer and Pug
Ages 7 and 8 years
Where Found Roxy was adopted as a pup, while Allison was rescued from a high-kill shelter. They’ve been best buds for over six years now. Nothing gets these two more excited than the promise of a car ride! Just look at those excited faces!
Favorite Toys Roxy's is Kong, and Allison loves stuffed animals
Favorite Treat Cheese (I mean who doesn’t love cheese?)
Favorite Thing to Do Riding in the car, closely followed by eating
Interesting Fact Answer to the question I’m most frequently asked: Roxy is not albino. Also, Allison snores loudly enough to be heard throughout the house.
Special Qualities These two have each others’ backs, as well as my own. If any one of us is scared, sick, or injured, the others will protect, comfort, and nurture. Unquestionably faithful.
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Nickname Bootie
Breed Questionable—maybe a Basset Hound and Collie Mix
Age 8 years
Where Found My partner and I were ready to adopt a dog, but after several weeks of visiting shelters we still hadn’t found a match. We were about to give up when I went online to show a friend how the shelter posts photos, and my eyes landed on Boots! She had just been surrendered, and I knew at first sight that she was our pup. My partner went to the shelter the next morning to meet her while I was at work, and as soon as she walked up to Boots’s cage, Boots put her paw up on the fence to greet her. Now, after having her for 7 years and struggling for 6 of those to teach her “paw,” we laugh about how rare it is for Boots to ever raise her paws. So we like to say that I chose Boots, and then Boots chose Ginger (my partner). We’ve been a happy family ever since! We adopted her in Western Massachusetts in 2006, and moved out to Seattle together in 2008.
Favorite Toy Anything soft that she can tear to shreds
Favorite Treat Cat poop (she’ll do anything to get to it on a walk!). But really, she loves peanut butter.
Favorite Thing to Do Hang out at Marymoor Park, go hiking, sleep, and chase squirrels
Interesting Fact Even though Boots is a shorty, she can jump! As a younger pup, we learned this the hard way when she jumped over our fence after a cat and got hit by a car. It was terrifying, but she got great vet care and is a resilient gal! She loves jumping up trees after squirrels, and will often get three to four feet of air between her and the ground. It’s amazing. All four paws will be on the tree trunk, running up as fast as she can. Thankfully, she has never caught a squirrel this way, but she never stops trying.
Special Qualities Boots is a little shy around adults, but she adores older folks, kids, and teenagers. Ginger and I like to joke that Boots is really great with vulnerable populations. She spends one day a week hanging out with our 94-year-old neighbor, Maggi—the social time is great for both of them. And actually, this neighbor is the one who finally was able to teach Boots to shake or give her paw (after I had been trying for 6 years!). Apparently, Boots chooses Maggi, too!
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Nickname Pito
Breed Mexican Beach Dog
Age 9 years
Where Found He was found in a hole he dug next to a fence, very sick, thin, and mangey, in La Ventana, Mexico, in 2004. We spent weeks going back and forth to the vet in La Paz to get him healthy. He’s been my lovebug ever since.
Favorite Toy Kong
Favorite Treat Salmon skin
Favorite Thing to Do Fetch
Interesting Fact He has travelled the entire Baja peninsula and loves kids. We consider him bilingual with dual citizenship.
Special Qualities He was dying when we first found him. A pup of only 6 months with a severe bronchial infection and mange, he wouldn’t eat or drink anything. I drove him weekly 45 minutes each way to the veterinarian in La Paz to make sure he was healthy. He had severe car-sickness for the first 2 months, so things were pretty messy for a bit, but he got used to it and travelled home to Seattle with me where he remains healthy and loved.
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Nickname Brewzie
Breed Labradoodle
Age 8.5 years
Where Found After being dogless for 3 years, my friends surprised me by bringing by their new Doodle puppy—adorable—and said there were 5 puppies left! On the spot I decided to go meet them and came home with the best dog I have ever known.
Favorite Toy Ball
Favorite Treat Anything
Favorite Thing to Do Retrieve the ball
Interesting Fact Because Bruno loves to have a job that enables him to put something in his mouth, he instantly learned to pick up things that drop off the counter—pens, not sirloin—and put them back in my hand. Using the same strategy, I taught him to put his toys back in the toy box when asked. (Although he does cheat: After putting them away, he brings them to me one by one to see if I will start a game.)
Special Qualities He is a terrific mixture of obedient but sassy, confident without trying to be alpha dog with me. He exudes joy, and leaps with it when he is able to play a favorite game. He is an awesome athlete, but settles immediately in the house. He barks at passersby, but otherwise never makes a peep. He is significantly smarter than me, but has the good manners not to lord it over me.
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Nickname Lucifer
Breed Domestic tabby
Age 3 years
Where Found Lucy and I met when I was living in Washington, D.C. after she was rescued from a hoarder’s house where she was found living with 400 other cats! (Thinking of what that smelled like still freaks me out.) It was love at first sight, though, and a couple of years ago she made the cross-country trip back to Seattle with me.
Favorite Toy Brown paper grocery bag
Favorite Treat Feline Greenies
Favorite Thing to Do Sit in cardboard boxes
Interesting Fact I chalk it up to her hoarder roots, but Lucy will eat the weirdest things. When I first adopted her, she was obsessed with Life cereal and would paw it out of my bowl when I wasn’t looking.
Special Qualities She can literally get into anything. Drawers, rooms, closets, you name it. I have a video of her weaseling her way into a cupboard that’s extremely high up in the kitchen at my parents’ house because she knew it was where my mom hid her treats. I would say it’s annoying, but really I feel nothing but pride for her mischievous ways and athletic prowess.
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Breed Mini Dachshund
Age 4 years
Where Found I adopted her from Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. She was surrendered there as the result of deceit from a dog flipper in Seattle in 2010. She is the doggy love of my life.
Favorite Toy Kong
Favorite Treat Anything edible
Favorite Thing to Do Hike!
Interesting Fact I took Gretel for her first hike the day after I got her and she absolutely loved it. We regularly hike 4 to 8 miles to places you would think a Dachshund couldn’t go, like Mount Si. She is also an accidental athlete. She doesn’t know her limits and is fearless. She took some of the most advanced agility obstacles the first time she saw them without much encouragement.
Special Qualities Gretel is the star of her own blog—YouDidWhatWithYourWiener.com—about hiking, breaking stereotypes of small dogs, fighting pet obesity, and having fun. Also, her coloring is striking, so we get attention wherever we go.
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Nickname JooJoo
Breed Shiba Inu Mix
Age 5 years, 9 months
Where Found My co-worker found Yuki in the NW Classifieds, as she knew we were looking for a Shiba Inu. We met and instantly fell in love with our snow fox. We also made a connection with the couple who was selling her. They had her flown in from Kansas only to find out one of them was allergic; however, they were so heartbroken to find her a new home that we stayed in touch for visits. It is just like Yuki to bring strangers together—we have gone to each others’ weddings and remain close friends.
Favorite Toy Her brother, Kuma
Favorite Treat Shredded chicken breast
Favorite Thing to Do Squirrel Patrol—watching for squirrels from the window
Interesting Fact She has a partial blue eye since she is part miniature husky.
Special Qualities Yuki is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. She can make anyone smile. She greets everyone that comes to our house by sitting in her chair for belly rubs, and this always makes people laugh.
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Nickname Darcy
Breed Mini Dachshund
Age 6 years
Where Found Mr. Darcy was rescued by All Texas Dachshund Rescue, fell off the back of a truck, and has been our adorable little bear ever since.
Favorite Toy Rope
Favorite Treat Anything, really. Anything. Even celery.
Favorite Thing to Do Roll around in the grass
Interesting Fact Mr. Darcy is named after the famous book character by Jane Austen. He partied inside Capitol Hill clubs his first night in town after being snuck in via a shoulder-strapped dog bag.
Special Qualities He has a rare coat, double dapple, that is hard to find. He is also a mini. Mr. Darcy loves cuddling and being pet, and is extremely sociable, well-behaved in public, and doesn’t need a leash unless we're in a super-crowded area.
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Nickname Tenny
Breed Mini Dachshund
Age 4 years
Where Found Tenny was found in a junk yard, alone and starving. Lucky for her, she is the cutest thing in the world and loves everyone and everything! I found her listed on a local Dachshund rescue website and knew she was a perfect match.
Favorite Toy Tennis ball
Favorite Treat Popcorn
Favorite Thing to Do Chase balls until heat exhaustion sets in
Interesting Fact Tenny is a Kaninchen Dachshund (meaning "rabbit" Dachshund) and is a little bigger than a fat squirrel before winter. Her favorite trick is to win your love while on your lap, and then go in for the zinger—a tongue up your nostril or in your mouth!
Special Qualities Tenny has gone through so much adversity: She was found in a junk yard, had back surgery for a burst disc, and has survived human cruelty. She has never stopped loving people or wanting to be there with her family.
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Nickname The Pig of Happiness
Breed Shih Tzu
Age 9 years
Where Found We adopted Mimi at 7 years from a local rescue after she was given up by her previous owners. We soon realized that she suffered from a severe skin condition—it has taken us two years to get it under control, and she’s so much better now. Even at her worst, she never stopped being happy. Our vet says she’s never met a happier dog, even when Mimi was sick.
Favorite Toy Anything she can lick, especially fingers and ears
Favorite Treat Anything she can eat out of your hand
Favorite Thing to Do Receive nonstop belly rubs
Interesting Fact Mimi is only 15 pounds, but she snores louder than a 300-pound grown man after a full night of drinking! She greets everyone who arrives to our house by rolling over on top of their feet so there’s no way she can miss getting attention and a belly rub. Because of her skin condition, I have to bathe her two times a week. She’s such a good girl during her baths that she lifts up each of her feet to help me wash them.
Special Qualities She is always so happy and full of love. She snorts like a little pig—that’s how she got her nickname, the Pig of Happiness. You can't help but smile when she looks at you.
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Nickname City Pony, Grey, Grey Girl, Smelladog, and Stinkerbell
Breed Weimaraner
Age 4.5 years
Where Found We met Bella in a pig pen full of healthy Weimaraner puppies on a ranch in Flagstaff, AZ. Bella was the portliest girl in the bunch and we knew she had to be ours. We took her home that day and she’s been enchanting us ever since!
Favorite Toy Peanut butter Kong and an enormous rawhide bone
Favorite Treat She has seasonal favorites. Right now she craves turkey bird and pumpkin puree!
Favorite Thing to Do Bella loves to swim in the Sound (year round), cuddle under warm blankets with a city view, and play stick at the park!
Interesting Fact Bella has a tendency to draw and stop a lot of traffic. She has a striking silver coat and mystic sea-foam green eyes. Bella is an emotional and expressive creature. She is gentle with children and extra affectionate with the elderly. She has many humanlike qualities and loves to shop and socialize at the Lower Queen Anne Bartell Drugs!
Special Qualities Bella is a multi-dimensional dog. While she can be found prancing about on the streets of Seattle, she also adores the beautiful outdoors. On the weekends, Bella can be found camping, mountain bike riding, and backcountry skiing. There is never an adventure she is unprepared for! Bella is especially fond of riding the Washington State Ferries system.
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Breed Cocker Spaniel
Age 6.5 years
Where Found We met Nomi at a rehab vet who was trying to find a home for him. Even though he couldn’t walk, he could really wag his tail, and it was love at first sight.
Favorite Toy Strings from sweatshirts
Favorite Treat Steak
Favorite Thing to Do Go for walks in his stroller
Interesting Fact At three months he developed a nerve disorder that resulted in him not having the strength in his legs to walk. Through many therapies he has gained enough strength to crawl, but will never be able to walk again.
Special Qualities He is very social and loves for people to come up and pet him when we are out on walks. He especially loves children and will “call” them to come over to him!
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Nickname Ky-Ky
Breed Aussie Shepherd Mix
Age 2.5 years
Where Found My sweet little Kyle has always been very mischievous and playful. That’s actually how we found him at the Seattle Humane Society, when he found an enlarged opening in the fenced area of his kennel suite, reached out his paw to touch my arm, and looked up at me with his big brown eyes. From that moment on I was hooked. This picture shows his playful side.
Favorite Toy Purple monster stuffed animal
Favorite Treat Cheddar cheese
Favorite Thing to Do Cuddle
Interesting Fact Kyle is a mixed Australian Shepherd and Belgian Malinois—a combination of two very active and intelligent breeds. When we first rescued Kyle, we learned that crate training him would be tricky. He’s a bit of a Houdini and has always been able to escape just about any crate we’ve purchased. I am happy to say, however, that after I covered myself in doggie cookies and spent a whole hour curled up in his crate, he now loves to be in his den for quiet moments. That’s also when he realized his love of cuddling.
Special Qualities Kyle is a very polite dog, and every time we enter the home after a walk he sits obediently by the door and waits for me to pick up his towel that I keep in our front foyer. I then sit down on the floor with him and say “front paws” and “back paws," and he proceeds to offer each paw one at time, patiently waiting for me to wipe each one before trotting into the kitchen for his meal or treat.
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Nickname Bear, Loley Bear
Breed Lab and Border Collie
Age 3 years
Where Found We adopted her from the Humane Society. We had the pick of her litter, but she chose us. We sat down on the floor to meet her and she crawled into my boyfriend's lap, licked his face and then fell asleep. It was all over after that.
Favorite Toy Kong and a tennis ball
Favorite Treat Peanut butter
Favorite Thing to Do Play with other dogs, swim, and cuddle
Interesting Fact We taught her how to hug—all you have to do is say “hug” and pat your shoulders. She’ll sit down, put her paws on your shoulders and lean in for one very cuddly hug.
Special Qualities She really is the sweetest dog. She is basically human at this point. She sits on the couch like a person and watches golf and football, she sleeps in our bed with her head on the pillow, and she comes with us wherever we can take her! She has so many different facial expressions and all of them melt your heart.
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Nickname Scoobie Doo
Breed Tibetan Spaniel Mix
Age 3 years
Where Found Scoobie was a stray from California, and a rescue organization scooped him up and brought him to Seattle along with several other dogs to find someone to adopt him. I saw his picture and it was love at first sight!
Favorite Toy Scoobie has so many favorite toys and simply cannot decide on just one! He does find all of his stuffed animal toys very amusing though. He carries them all around the house in his mouth and then throws them up in the air and runs after them.
Favorite Treat He goes crazy for bully sticks!
Favorite Thing to Do Believe it or not, his favorite activity is sitting in front of a window and staring outside, scouting for squirrels. When he sees one he goes crazy barking—I’m pretty sure the squirrels taunt him on purpose. Seems to be a game they both enjoy.
Interesting Fact We think he looks like a little stuffed animal that has come to life. He makes you happy just looking at him! He is very polite and “sits pretty” every time he’s ready to eat. He sits on his back haunches in a begging position and just looks so dang cute it’s hard to resist him.
Special Qualities Scoobie was a stray in a shelter in California. He came very close to being euthanized due to an overcrowding situation in this particular shelter. A rescue organization found him and brought him up to Seattle for us to adopt. The ironic thing is he really needed us as much as we needed him. My 15-year-old daughter has had a tough time lately and Scoobie has been her lifesaver! He has showered so much love on her that it has renewed her spirit and outlook.
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Breed Cockapoo
Age 3 months
Where Found Penny became a member of our family this past September when we needed her the most. Following a struggle with addiction and empty-nest syndrome, Penny contributes to the love, support and encouragement our family of five needs to confront and tackle this life-long challenge of recovery.
Favorite Toy Bunny play-toy
Favorite Treat Anything from PCC
Favorite Thing to Do Chase, wrestle, and play hide and seek!
Interesting Fact Penny’s “poodle side” causes her eyes to excessively tear, so she is given special eye drops to help with her vision—and eye-boogers.
Special Qualities Penny is the most outgoing and lovable puppy ever. She is friendly toward all pets and humans. However, she is definitely a scaredy-cat when you sneak up on her, like the time we visited the Halloween Corn Maze in Arlington.
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Nickname Oscar de la Lackey
Breed French Bulldog
Age 3 years
Where Found We found Oscar one and a half years ago through a mutual friend who was fostering him after he went into rescue. It was love at first snort.
Favorite Toy Hedgehog
Favorite Treat Sam’s Yams Sweet Potato Chewz
Favorite Thing to Do Morning doggie yoga, be chased, and snuggle on the sofa
Interesting Fact Despite his small stature, Oscar has climbed Little Si, trekked the North Cascades, and explored Mount Hood as well as many other destinations in the majestic Pacific Northwest. He also enjoys an urban adventure to Seattle’s many dog-friendly establishments, especially the several craft breweries our city has to offer.
Special Qualities Oscar was born at a puppy mill on Camano Island. He was adopted by a family who gave him back after an unknown time because of his sensitive digestive system. At that point he was labeled a problem dog by the puppy mill and suffered severe neglect. When he went into rescue he was in very poor health, but he bounced back after he was put on a proper diet and given lots of TLC. Today Oscar lives a healthy and happy life with his two dads on Capitol Hill.
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<Nickname C-Monster
Breed Husky-ish
Age 3 years
Where Found Almost 3 years ago I drove out to Wenatchee to meet a potential new dog. I was set on getting a middle-aged, trained, and low-energy mutt. Things didn’t work out with my blind date dog, so I took a walk through the kennels. As soon as I spotted Chewy I dropped all of my “rules” and adopted him. 3 years later, despite all of the destroyed shoes, carpets, and walls, he’s the best impulse decision I’ve ever made.
Favorite Toy Anything stuffed with a squeaker is perfect for destruction.
Favorite Treat Baby carrots
Favorite Thing to Do He’s a swimming fool!
Interesting Fact C’s a 90-pound monster, but he’s the most skittish dog around. He once knocked me down while trying to run away from a toddler who was reaching out to pet him.
Special Qualities Whenever I come home, whether I was gone for an entire day at work or just ran out to grab the mail, Chewy goes nuts when I walk in the door. There’s nothing that can happen in a day that can’t be made better by that kind of unconditional love.
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Nickname Pig
Breed Puggle
Age 4 years
Where Found I met my pup Lolly because her previous owner had given her to a friend to re-home. Her previous owner had kenneled her 22 hours a day and never let her off a leash. She was 9 months old. The friend that was re-homing her had a brother who knew me and thought Lolly and I would be best friends, so he gave her to me!
Favorite Toy Rope
Favorite Treat Bacon
Favorite Thing to Do Chase other dogs
Interesting Fact This dog never tires out. She’s done 8-mile hikes with 4,000 feet of elevation gain, and she frequently runs 3 to 4 miles with me in the morning, as well as 6-plus mile runs on the weekends. I’ve taken her to the dog park for an hour, gone for a 12-mile walk and returned to the dog park, and she was still running around chasing all the other pups. I’ve seen her run around my house and bounce all four of her feet off the wall to take a turn faster. Lolly is a little ball of energy.
Special Qualities What makes Lolly so special is that she has been trained to be my service dog, and takes such good care of me. She is one of the easiest dogs I’ve ever trained, and picks up on things very quickly. It is quite amazing that she is so easy to train. Considering how she was treated until I got her, she should hate humans—but it's the opposite, she loves everyone!
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Nickname Mr. B
Breed Border Collie Mix
Age 2 years
Where Found I met Barnum in late September thanks to Angel Paws Pet Rescue. After moving back to Seattle this summer I visited several shelters and met with several dogs at different rescue organizations, but I knew right away that Barnum was the one for me. He had been playing in Angel Paws-founder Angela Zinn’s backyard with another young dog, but he immediately came up to me, wagging his whole body and making his “squeaking” noise, and just leaned his whole body into my leg. And when Angela’s 3-year-old son came out to play, Barnum let him lead him around by the collar and was totally calm. He just wants to be everybody’s friend and is the perfect combination of active and goofy but calm. This is a photo of us at home, taking a (brief) break from playing with some friends.
Favorite Toy A 9-headed sea monster stuffed toy (9 heads to chew on!), but really, his favorite toy is whatever you are currently playing with.
Favorite Treat Anything! But he has a special affinity for Beecher’s Cheese.
Favorite Thing to Do Play! Whether with humans or another dog, Barnum just loves to be with others.
Interesting Fact Before he was brought to Seattle via Angel Paws, Barnum was found wandering outside a casino in Nevada. Due to his love of all people and dogs, and his seeming lack of fear of anything, he does not appear to have been abused—perhaps he was a “casino dog,” acting as a lucky charm for patrons. Everyone likes to joke that maybe his original owner gave him up after “losing it all;” in any case, I feel incredibly lucky to have him. He also seems to love Seattle—he loves to run in the leaves and is enjoying the crisp, cool air right now.
Special Qualities Barnum’s friendliness has made him famous in parts of Queen Anne—he often hangs out at Queen Anne Book Company (where my mom works), and the owners of several local establishments know him by name, including the local UPS driver. He gets so excited when he sees people that he wags his whole body, causing him to run almost sideways in excitement—and as he does so, he makes this great squeaking/talking noise. He is also an excellent runner, and frequently comes with me to road race and on long runs (though he sometimes tries to herd both humans and other dogs). Last week we came in as the first dog/human duo in a small 5K. He is also happy just watching people—at home he likes to sit in front of the window and watch people come and go on the street.
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Breed Poodle/Terrier Mix
Age 3 years
Where Found We adopted Bartleby from a shelter in Yakima. He was about a year old and had never had a bath or haircut. He was pretty matted. But when we first met him, he hopped into our laps and we were sold.
Favorite Toy Nylabone
Favorite Treat Everything!
Favorite Thing to Do Cuddle on the couch
Interesting Fact Bartleby really likes clothes. He has a couple scarves and sweaters. When he sees a new one come out he jumps around and stands on his hind legs until we put it on him.
Special Qualities He spent the first year of his life alone on the street, but has quickly adapted to city ways. He loves sleeping in and cuddles. He will also do anything for a treat, including standing on his hind legs for up to a minute.
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Breed Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier
Age 1 year
Where Found We bought Godric from a breeder. When we first went to meet him he could not stop jumping on us and licking our faces.
Favorite Toy Stuffed pig
Favorite Treat Ice
Favorite Thing to Do Play tug with his little brother dog
Interesting Fact Godric likes to jump onto the bookcase. However, he hasn’t learned that he can jump back down. So, he hops up, is content for a couple minutes, and then whines and whines until someone will let him down. Ironically, he can jump higher than the bookcase from a standstill.
Special Qualities Godric is obsessed with licking faces. He especially likes ears and noses, but really any part of the face will do. Once he starts he shows no signs of stopping until you push him away.
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Nickname Dweebert
Breed Spiral Tabby
Age 7 years
Where Found My Dweeby’s mom and litter were abandoned in the woods, and unfortunately all but three kittens were killed by wild dogs. Fortunately though, those three kittens were found by a friend-of-a-friend, and I ended up adopting one. Dweeby was a cute little thing, no bigger than the palm of my hand, and his eyes were barely open. My mom and I took turns bottle feeding him every 4 hours and doing all the other things a momma cat would do. 7 years, 12 pounds, and 3 moves later, he’s still my very special boy.
Favorite Toy Anything that crinkles!
Favorite Treat Greenies
Favorite Thing to Do Cuddle
Interesting Fact His name kind of chose him. I named him several other more normal names, but Dweeby ended up sticking because of the silly, dweeby things that he does. He’ll do things like jump up on a table and forget his backside, causing him to slide back off the table to the floor. He’s all the entertainment I need.
Special Qualities He’s 100 percent devoted. I think it’s because I’m his mom in his mind for all intents and purposes. He’s always in whatever room I’m in and instead of being mad when I go away for trip or something, he’s just happy to see me when I get home, drooling and purring all the way.
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Nickname TriceraChops, Chopacabra, Chipchopuccino, Mr. Chopadopoulos, Chopakan, Choppy, Choppopotamus, Chopper. He has a lot of nicknames.
Breed American Pit Bull Terrier/Hound mix
Age 5ish years
Where Found Chops was hit by a car in Virginia where my husband (Brandon) has family. Brandon’s cousins took in The Chop, paid for tremendous vet bills and tried to save a very badly damaged leg. I would say “unfortunately” Chops lost his leg, but I am pretty sure he doesn’t even notice. While Brandon was visiting for Christmas, he met an exuberant Chops and learned about his story. As much as Brandon’s extended family all loved Chops, they were not able to keep him as they already have many pets (three huge dogs in bed was making Brandon's cousin's husband sad). Brandon sent me a picture and told them we would take him. They didn’t believe us at first but a plane transport arrangement later, Chops was to be a Seattle resident. Before moving in with us, but after this decision had been made, we learned a few more things about Chops: It seems tables, chairs, screen doors and other such pesky things people are silly enough to leave around their house are mere obstacles to a three legged Choppy. Also, it is rumored that TriceraChops perhaps, maybe, probably by accident, if it happened at all, ate one of the other Virginia pets...a vicious blood thirsty rabbit that was not cute and sweet and cuddly at all. This news was all presented at the point of no return and never the less we eagerly awaited our furry jet setter to arrive. After a moment of being lost in I forget what state and a mix up as to if his transport had indeed been paid, we were able to finally retrieve Chops from the airlines to settle in. Chops and his bladder were very grateful. We have now had Chops since March of 2010 and he is absolutely a beloved member of our entire family! He has an older sister, Amber, also a Pit Bull mix that begrudgingly does love him. He and Amber were here when we welcomed our first son, their little brother, into the world. Our son is a human.
Favorite Toy Stuffed animals. But not ones that squeak, those are terrifying.
Favorite Treat All food. Seriously.
Favorite Thing to DoHang out on our front porch and survey the lands of vast condo living.
Interesting Fact He is a tri-pod.
Special Qualities What doesn’t make Chops special?! He is an amazing pet with astounding spirit. He never gives up on anything and loves, really he needs, to give and receive affection.
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Nickname Dudie
Breed 1/2 Shih Tzu, 1/4 Pekignese, 1/4 Papillion
Age 6 years
Where Found My uncle’s dogs had puppies and they gave one to me as a surprise birthday/Christmas present. He was born on December 11, the middle child of a litter of 3 (2 other girls). I got the call from my cousins that they were born and they asked which one I wanted. I said, “The boy!” and could not be happier with my decision.
Favorite Toy Teddy bear
Favorite Treat Carrots
Favorite Thing to Do Hiking
Interesting Fact He keeps himself pretty well entertained by playing fetch with himself. He likes to take his favorite teddy bear and throw it up in the air; he then watches as it falls down away from him and promptly goes to retrieve it and repeat the process all over again.
Special Qualities He is great with people and can get really energetic if you want him to be, but will immediately calm down if you’re out of energy. He is always willing to cuddle and will let you hold him any way possible, just like a kitty! He’s very adventurous and loves to go hiking; he prefers taking the harder way around things, like climbing over the rocks to get to the next part of the trail instead of following the trail itself. He loves to run in the park and enjoys the feeling of the wind on his face, and when it’s warm enough outside he loves sticking his face out the window of the car.
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Nickname Evie Badger and Miss Thang
Breed Black Lab and Chow Mix
Age 4 years
Where Found When we made the decision to adopt a dog, we quickly learned it was a lot like dating online. The good ones were taken quickly and descriptions didn’t match reality—by "occasionally howls," we recommend you live a mile away from your closest neighbor. We found Eve through a foster agency and had our first “date” in a park near Seatac. She was underweight, riddled with skin problems due to fleas, and nervous, but it was love at first belly rub.
Favorite Toy Hedgie, her shell of a hedgehog (a plush toy with no stuffing that resembles swiss cheese due to so many holes)
Favorite Treat Carbs of any kind, and chicken
Favorite Thing to Do Steal food
Interesting Fact Eve knows how to do a “quiet speak,” where she whispers a bark.
Special Qualities Eve is a food hound through and through. She loves uncooked brussel sprout leaves, asparagus butts, raspberries, and clementines. What she loves more than anything—which we don’t give her, but she’s manged to steal—are carbs of any form. She’s eatten a bag of flour, an entire box of Aplets and Cotlets, baby cereal, coffee cake (the above photo), cookies, and more. The worst was the day she got into our pantry (which now has a lock) and stole and ate three boxes of mac and cheese (including the foil packet), a box of rice, a box of cous cous, and two granola bars. Needless to say we went to the emergency vet that day, even though she was nonplussed.
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Nickname Lucaduke
Breed American Bulldog and German Shepherd Mix
Age 4 years
Where Found When we lived in New York City, we went to our local shelter looking for a medium-sized, middle-aged dog that we could adopt into our family. Within 10 seconds of seeing 2.5 month old Luca and her adorable floppy ears (shown in this photo, taken from the shelter’s website), we were smitten and didn’t care that she was a young puppy likely to get up to 70 pounds. It was love at first sight!
Favorite Toy Scooby Doo chew toy, which looks disturbingly like her
Favorite Treat Greenies—Luca appreciates good dental hygiene
Favorite Thing to Do Take over our bed while we are sleeping, pushing both of us to the edges
Interesting Fact First, Luca slept under our bed until she was 2 years old. Second, she is the runt of her litter, with her littermates all around 30 pounds heavier than her.
Special Qualities Luca is a shy pup when it comes to interacting with people, so you really have to earn her trust, love and snuggles—and when you do, she’s a warm and loving companion that enjoys cuddling up on the sofa, long hikes, and running around the dog park. I can’t imagine our family without her!
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Nickname Monkey-Face
Breed Chow Mix
Age 5 years
Where Found I was lucky enough to acquire a Petfinder-ogling habit right when she happened to show up in a shelter in Providence, RI. I drove from Boston three times to see her before I was able to adopt her; it was love at first sight.
Favorite Toy Squeaky bear
Favorite Treat Snuggles. Oh, and cheese.
Favorite Thing to Do Commune with squirrels
Interesting Fact Sadie made her modeling debut last year in Star Trek Crafts, a book my former company created. She rocked that geeky dog vest like all get-out.
Special Qualities Her fiery red hair, her sweet-as-can-be disposition, and her ability to keep a smile on her face even after rolling around on the beach and getting sand in her eyes.
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Nickname Buddy Pup
Breed Lab Mix
Age 3 years
Where Found Porter was at an adoption event in San Diego, where we lived at the time. The day we met him it was 105 degrees and he was a black dog in the sun. We couldn’t leave the event without him! He came home with a bad case of kennel cough and needed emergency surgery three days into our lives together for another unknown health condition. So while it was a bit of a bumpy start, we’ve spent the last three years making it up to him with treats, walks, and dog park visits galore!
Favorite Toy Socks—every sock in our house is his favorite toy. He takes them out of the laundry hamper, the closet, and anywhere else he can find them. We often discover the socks in various corners of the backyard.
Favorite Treat Marrow bones...mmm!
Favorite Thing to Do Discover new sniffs in his neighborhood and watch out for the mailman each day.
Interesting Fact I once came home to a broken front window in our house with a note on the door from the mailman that said, “Porter was a little too excited today and broke the window while trying to get to me. Love, the Mailman.” We now have double-paned windows for Porter’s benefit—and the mailman’s!
Special Qualities Not only does Porter have good looks, he has a heart of gold, too! He is a sweetheart who likes to kiss other dogs he meets in the face (and will try to do the same with humans if you’re not careful!). He is also extremely expressive and lets us know when he’s tired, excited, or hungry through his wonderful howls. Sometimes it seems like he thinks he’s speaking our language!
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