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"If a hot pink Volkswagon pulled up at your bachelorette party or wedding reception and started serving artisan macarons, we feel pretty sure it would be the talk of your party," says Stacia Cumberland of Sparkfly Photography. Cumberland collaborated with Alexandra Greenwald of Alexandra's Macarons and bridal consultant and stylist Nichole Bitz to carry that bit of spirited surprise and anticipation into these images.
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"We love the increasing prevalence of personalized weddings," says Cumberland. "Each couple is so, so unique and we get excited to photograph celebrations that reflect the couple, not just follow style or tradition. We’re so glad to see creativity being welcomed in the wedding world."
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"We loved the contrast of the dark, lush evergreens against the eye-catching colors of Alexandra’s bus and decor. The morning we had booked for the shoot was colder and more gray than expected, but the mist gives it a distinctly PNW feeling that anyone planning a spring wedding in Seattle should probably be ready for!"
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"Cake is lovely and we don’t think it needs to go away altogether, but we’re loving the trend of creative and different desserts. Macarons can either add a little something to the decor of your cake or be made into a tiered macaron masterpiece all by themselves. They’re also so customizable that they can be made into special flavors for each couple."
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We asked Cumberland what real-life couples should expect to learn from inspiration shoots like this one. Her first answer: "Use every day objects. Alexandra’s bus, Gertrude, is truly like Mary Poppin’s bag. As she was setting up, Alexandra kept pulling the most ordinary items out of the bus. An ironing board, a mixing bowl, cups, jars, tins, and even a bag of lemons. When you put them all together, they’re stunning. Look around your space— at the things you already own—and start imagining what they could do for your ceremony or reception."
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Another lesson: "Be yourself. Inspiration shoots are fantastic as long as you stay connected to who you are. Take things that you like and leave out things that don’t feel like you. More than anything else, your wedding is a chance to celebrate who you are as a couple."
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Alexandra Greenwald, bus whisperer and macaron coaxer.
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"Seattle has so many great places for photographs. When we’re working with clients, we always check in first to see if they have specific places that are special to them or are part of their daily routines. For some people, it’s a park they walk by everyday. For others, it’s a significant place they went once. A significant location takes a normal photo and makes it into a story, especially for the person in it. It invites memories and gives context to the time of life that the person is in."
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