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Yes, she's lovely. Yes, she's tiny. And yes, she's visited Seattle on many occasions, actually; she has a friend who lived here, and years ago she filmed a TV show in these parts. Her visit to Nordstrom on Wednesday March 5 was all about her shoe line, SJP Collection.
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After chatting about how much the city has changed and how global style has become (it's SJP's opinion that it's way cooler when cities like Seattle maintain their own vibe amid the same-i-fication that comes with style blog and pinterest saturation, and we couldn't agree more), we got down to hearing about these shoes.
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The genesis of the collection is Parker's memories of her first years in New York, and the way that that era—the early, early 80s—produced such gorgeous shoes from Italy and Spain.
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You can see the reference to delicate, handmade, single-sole styles, yet the collection is totally modern as well. The very petite Parker made some modifications that will appeal to other vertically challenged women. For one, the ankle and t-straps sit lower on the foot. This tends to have an elongating affect on the leg.
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SJP herself was sporting a cherry red grosgrain pair—with an otherwise all-black outfit. Parker says red is the new neutral. Wear it out, ladies.
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A simple and subtly iconic grosgrain ribbon hallmarks the back of each heel. It'll be your quiet way of saying, "I'm with SJP."
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After the interview we all headed downstairs where hundreds of fans waited for their turn with the star. At about an hour before the event, the line started at the escalators and snaked back toward BP shoes and then went down the stairs onto the Metro level where the men's shoes are located.
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But no fan was as dedicated as this one; she flew in from Phoenix and started the line outside the store at 6:30a.m. Pretty adorable.
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The SJP collection is available at the flagship Nordstrom and online.
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Check out our video (coming soon!) for more from Parker.
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