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Boney and Wooley
"Boney (right) and Wooley are longtime sleeping companions. During the summer Olympics they broke out the synchronized sleeping routine. It was a 10 and they each took home gold!" — Submitted by John Schuler
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"Adopted at the ripe old age of two, Max went from neglected street cat to cuddly lap cat in a heartbeat. This photo is just one of many capturing Max's endless efforts to gain and keep our attention. He is a ham." — Submitted by Whitney Heinrich
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Ms. Maggie
"Ms. Maggie is a local labrador puppy who joined our family in August. Born July 1 she is referred to as a caramel retriever. Notice the brown nose and gold eyes? We think she's the cutest puppy we've ever seen." — Submitted by Richard Werlein
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Henri Matisse
"Here's Henri relaxing on a sunny Seattle day. Henri has many nicknames. One is Little Buddha. Why? Henri is full of love and there is no negative energy in him. He is kind to all things and brings a smile to everyone he meets." — Submitted by Cathy Mowbray
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"Macks is a three-year-old lab mix with a ton of energy. We got Macks from Paws Animal Shelter when he was one year old—he was our 80 pound baby! Life revolved around him, and then we found out we were pregnant. We wondered how Macks would handle losing 'baby' status, and while he doesn't get quite as much ball time, he's loving his new little sister—and she's enamored with him!" — Submitted by Juliet Swedlund
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Foxy and Nyak
"Foxy wasn't being very good this day and decided she'd 'photobomb' the beautifully tranquil photo of her and Nyak at Crater Lake by sticking her tongue out." — Submitted by Rich Huston
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"Still a puppy in this photo, Pixel made this photo shoot of my daughter, Jade, a lot harder than we had hoped. It's hard enough to get a 6-year-old to pose endlessly, but a new puppy? Even harder." — Submitted by Brandee Borror
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Leroy Brown Hatton
"Leroy definitely likes to be one of the boys. He took a trip to Leavenworth for Oktoberfest with his dad and friends. While there, they spent some time enjoying all that the Northwest has to offer by going for a hike." — Submitted by Noelani Hatton
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"Miss Lily is a diva and will always hold a pose for a photo. I'm almost sure she willed me to take this one of her." — Submitted by Sara Stanford
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"I guess I didn't need to buy my little purebred boxer, Casey, any toys—he loves chewing on water bottles. They're his favorite thing!" — Submitted by Cathy Lewis
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"When Luxe comes home from boarding at Seattle's Barking Lounge, she's completely pooped. And she knows that the first day back from a trip is the one time that her 'guilty for leaving' mama will allow her on the couch. She also knows that no paws are allowed on the couch, so this is her compromise." — Submitted by Gina Davito
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"Griffey loves being outdoors and loves hanging out on our rooftop deck in the summer at the Olivian. On this day we were celebrating his six month birthday!" — Submitted by Stephanie Decker
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"Joey just loves the action during the holidays!" — Submitted by Kerrie Clemens
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"We adopted Spike from Bulldog Haven NW and he promptly took over the starring role of 'love of our lives.' He also stole my sister's heart, which is why he's wearing a ribbon on his head. For her birthday she asked for Spike with a bow on top. This was the best we could do!" — Submitted by Jess Estrada
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"Bailey the boxer pup still doesn't exactly know how normal dogs sit; she just goes for what's comfortable." — Submitted by Lizzie Sivitz
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"This is our bearded collie Garcia. We rescued him in Ohio just a day before his time was up in a rural county pound. He was nearly bald and not very personable at the time, but he has grown into the most funny, beautiful boy you could imagine. He was dressed up here for a fundraising event. Whenever he puts on a new outfit, his expressions are priceless. (He tends to be rather full of himself.)" — Submitted by Janine Dainis
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"Only 11 weeks old here, exotic shorthair kitten Gouda was dreaming of salty sardines (no sugarplums, please) as he waited for Christmas to come." — Submitted by Beth Kramer
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"Our miniature schnauzer Carly hates it when we leave her. We didn't realize how much she'd miss us until I turned around while packing my suitcase for a trip to find her curled up inside." — Submitted by Teresa Moore
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"Always a smile when she has her ball!! Get close enough and you may just get a big kiss." — Submitted by Alex Mueller
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