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"I wanted the feel to really embrace the natural, yet tailored setting. The dark wood of the table, balanced with the salal garland felt really organic, then we added the ornate place settings and elegant chairs to make the combination feel effortless, but with refined finishes," said Willis.
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Seattle stationer and hand-letterer extraordinaire Sally Waldburger of La Happy created the paper pieces for the shoot.
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"Couches and seating groups are one of my favorite elements to create in a wedding, there are so many opportunities to create beautiful vignettes within that scene.
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This dress is the Emerson gown by WTOO.
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This blush ruffled dress is Davia by Watters. His suit is from H&M suit and worn with a J. Crew tie.
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"I knew I didn't want a traditionally shaped bouquet, but rather something loose and free flowing. I really just let the flowers shape themselves as I added them together. I was inspired by the movement and shape of jasmine vine; every vine has an incredibly wild shape and movement and I wanted the overall bouquet to reflect that as well," remembers Willis. This is the Watters gown called Kerry.
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The "bride's" romantic and vaguely old-world look is credited to Ashli Danielle Hair and Makeup.
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