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Local editor and internationally known columnist and activist Dan Savage wed his longtime partner Terry Miller at downtown's City Hall with a hundred or so others on Sunday, December 9.
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The city's celebration was one of many mass marriage rites that took place this past Sunday and Monday. Jenny Jimenez, who took these photographs, told us this: "Couples were informed that media would be present and only one opted out. I was assigned to one of the five chapel areas inside City Hall; each station was open from 10 to 5 and staffed by a photographer, a judge, a judge's assistant, and two docents. Many of the couples had been together for more than 10 years, and have raised kids together. It was emotional for everyone."
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Local artist Celeste Cooning created the cut-paper installation that backdropped the historical vows.
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Amy Sommer and Jeri Andrews, whose commitment ceremony we featured in Seattle Met Bride and Groom last year, made things legal at Elliott Bay Books on Sunday, December 9.
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Tracy Taylor, the book store's manager, donated the space, since, as the Andrews put it, "we were rewriting history." The couple invited friends and contacts to join them, and served Top Pot Doughnuts to all who witnessed the union.
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Lily West and Michelle Odo wed at the Four Seasons, as part of a group celebration there. Says West, "We had our more personal wedding in June of this year. We started planning when Christine Gregoire passed her bill in February. We knew that although it might not actually be legal in June (if it was put to a vote), it would probably be legal shortly thereafter. (That's a lie. Michelle says she knew. I was much more cautious.) But in any case, we decided we'd rather have a June wedding than a December one, and planned on doing it whether it was legal or not. When voters decided we could be legal, we really weren't up for planning another wedding so soon (financially or creatively), but when we heard about the Little White Chapel at the Four Seasons it just seemed obvious. Who says no to the Four Seasons?"
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"My favorite part of the day was the ceremony. We had decided to ad-lib our vows. I know that sounds risky, but we put so much effort into our June vows, I thought it would be fun to be a little more spontaneous and just say what we were thinking at the moment. Michelle's were perfect of course. Then, when the officiant helped Michelle to ad-lib during the repeat-after-me portion of the vows, he added 'and you're pretty cute' which she then repeated to me. The whole room laughed and it made it so much more personal," says West.
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Couples like Lily and Michelle who tied the knot at the Four Seasons on Sunday, December 9 got a package, turn-key deal with all the trimmings.
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