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"I'm obsessed with handmade ceramics. I have accumulated many through thrifting the Value Village home section. When Tuuli gave me a clay dinosaur for Mother's Day I was so proud to add it to my collection." -Lenna Petersen, Baby and Co media director, with her daughter Tuuli Walton,7. Not much of a potter these days? Find giftable ceramics at Far 4, Kobo, Liave, and the Polish pottery shop in the Market.
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"This Mother's Day I'd really like a vintage motorcycle jacket. A wardrobe staple." -Jenni Ravetz, with her daughter Babs Ravetz,2. We suggest someone take Babs to the Fremont Antique Mall for something old, wise, and super cool.
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"For Mother's Day I would love to get a bike seat attachment so Musashi and I can go riding around town together." -Ashley Robles, stay-at-home mom and volunteer at the Seattle Japanese Garden, with her son Musashi Alley-Barnes,2. Check our recent bike guide for gear and more.
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"A few of my favorite shops include Driftwood Consignment in Madrona, Fleurish on Capitol Hill for flowers, and Barney's for lipstick; my current must-have is YSL's Lingerie Pink." -Erica Nelson-Sheehan, co-owner of Hitchcock Madrona, with her son Ace Sheehan,2.
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"I really love shopping at the Palm Room for home objects, Top Ten Toys for the boys, and Blackbird for my man." -Christine Guillot, Anthropologie store manager, with her sons Nic and Dano,5 and 4 months.
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"For other people I love to pick up Ballard Honey from DeLaurenti Specialty Food, locally made beeswax candles from Big Dipper, and Seabreeze Farm's white wine found at the Ballard Sunday Market." -Hope Kendall, stay-at home mom and designer, with her son Noam Tuscan, 4.
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"We'd like to spend Mother's Day by shopping for decorative ribbon at Nancy's Sewing Basket on Queen Anne and then cooking a fried chicken dinner from grandma's recipe book."-Saralee Coleman, vintage collector and archivist at Coleman Collections, with her daughter, designer Rachel Ravitch.
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"Some of my favorite places to shop are Tenzing Momo in the Market for insense and magical oddities, Isadora's for antique jewelry, and Indian Summer for amazing vintage finds."-Ria Leigh, Kaleidoscope Vision co-founder, with her daughter Ari Rabüt, 3.
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"I'd really like some facial treatment essence by SK-II and a gluten-free pastry from Flying Apron for this Mother's Day." - Tiffany Lowry, hair and makeup stylist, with her daughter Adeline Lowry, 6.
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"In the past some of my favorite Mother's Day gifts have been necklaces from Nube Green and candles from Retrofit. This year we plan on going to Olympus Spa in Lynnwood for a good scrub and some amazing Korean food."-Linda Derschang, restaurateur, with daughter and PR specialist at Tallulah Talks Food, Tallulah Anderson, 24.
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"For women's apparel I love Pirkko near the market and Driftwood in Madrona."-Janine Beaman, stylist at Barney's, with her daughter Hazel Beaman,7.
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"I love finding unique items at the West Seattle Antique Mall and for apparel I am all about Totokaelo, La Ree, and Barney's." -Tiffany Wendel, personal stylist, with her twins Lula and Flynn Wendel,7.

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