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EMP's upcoming Worn to Be Wild show, and the Friday, October 20 leather runway event that kicks it off, couldn't be better timed. Fashion has never been more enamored with leather—an assertion that's really fun to prove. Here, a current fall 2012 look from the two New York-based designers who make up Proenza Schouler. Leather pants and a leather shirt? No, c'mon, just the front of the shirt is leather. You can find this look at Neiman Marcus.
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Leather pants probably first appeared in the '60s and were strictly for bikers. By the '80s they were for fashion girls. By the mid '00s, they streamlined and became leggings. We've seen leather leggings in our favorite stores over the last few years, but with fall 2012, we see leather shaping every piece of our wardrobes. This Calvin Klein dress puts a spin on the LBD, no?
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Here's a leather shirt by Michael Kors for this fall 2012 collection.
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Considering leather tops and dresses, leather pants can almost seem ho-hum. And they are increasingly commonplace—like denim. Check out how casually these True Religion green leather jeans are thrown together with a tee-shirt on Neiman Marcus' online offerings.
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And how's this for an Oh, this old thing? approach to leather pants? Neiman Marcus bills these Vince bottoms as leather jogging pants.
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Which might remind you of the Phillip Lim leather lounge pants from the local shop Totokaelo that we featured in our fall fashion spread.
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It's worth noting that the leather craze doesn't demand head-to-toe leather—or even single garments made entirely of leather. You'll notice more and more designers, including Diane von Furstenberg on the fall runways, including a stripe of leather here, a sleeve of it there.
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This fantastic topper by area designer Storm Crow Design will be among the looks in the runway show on October 20. It's a great example of how a little hit of the material goes a long way.
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And let's not forget the leather jacket. This one, by Rick Owens and found on Capitol Hill Totokaelo, perfectly illustrates the going style of this piece. The neck is high and funnel-like, the sleeves are skinny and super flattering, and there are just enough zippers and extra to make it feel tough.
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Another locally available leather coat, this one is a gorgeous update on the biker style from the Italian line Giorgio Brato and is available at Baby and Co.
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Here's another look from Seattle Met's fall fashion coverage that brings up the subject, how do we wear these pieces if we're not on the runway? I love this Phillip Lim top from Totokaelo with the nubby wool tuxedo trousers from Jack Straw. On one hand, it's about a balance of texture and weight. You wouldn't put an armor-like leather shirt like this one with a soft, flowy silk pant. It needs a bottom to stand up to.
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But then if we're talking leather skirts, on celebrities at least, it's about contrasting the materials. Silky-soft tops are perfect with bold leather skirts.

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