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More a parlor than a boutique, the Dress Theory consists of a handful of rooms; one to sit and relax and talk colors and dreams and big, beautiful plans, two for showcasing the carefully handpicked and lovingly presented dresses, and one indulgently large one for trying them all on.
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Among the Dress Theory's coveted lines are Sarah Seven and Elizabeth Dye from Portland, and Claire Pettibone, the beloved Los Angeles-based designer recently made into an even bolder name when Priscilla Chan (the new Mrs. Facebook) chose her design for her own wedding. Spoiler alert: the Dress Theory carries the perfectly modern, artfully bohemian dress.
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Here's Camille Wynn inside one of her two dress rooms. No crowded racks here. At the Dress Theory, less is more.
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Inspiration is all around the shop; the colors are muted and wonderfully seasonless, the accents balance grandeur, contemporary lifestyle trends, and that sweet oh-this-was-my-grandmother's vibe.
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Modern Trousseau, Ivy and Aster, and Tessa Kim round out the Dress Theory's list of designers. There are gowns in shades of peachy-rose and blingy gold; there is chunky lace and delicate beading and simple, draped chiffon; there are bell-shaped sleeves and sweet cap ones. There are beachy dresses, and ballroom ones, and lots to fit that au currant Italian-countryside-transported-to-a-rustic-Northwest-barn setting.
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Wynn sees one bride at a time. Call her when you're ready for your turn.
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