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The butcher counter is up front; place food orders in the back, then grab a seat and admire that mural.
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Flint says any good butcher shop is designed to be cleaned with a hose rather than a mop. This might be why. The work area has a meat hook and rail system, complete with an antique switch--kinda like a tiny meat railroad hanging from the ceiling.
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Flint hunted for antique soda jerk stools for ages until he found a matched set of six up in Snohomish. After a reupholstering job they look original to the space.
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Sven Sundbaum painted the mural, designed to look like it's been there for 100 years.
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The front table is a beautiful slab of live-edge maple. Flint found it at Smith Valley Woodworkers, with a friend, and had it finished at O.B. Williams in SoDo.
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Flint says "I always wanted to be a part of Pioneer Square." His original plans to join forces with fellow Melrose Marketeers Matt Dillon and Katherine Anderson led him to this address, just across the street from Bar Sajor and London Plane.
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The selection will be the same as the original Rain Shadow up on Capitol Hill.
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The front space is dedicated to the butcher shop. Butchering will still happen at both Rain Shadow locations, but Flint is moving his sausage and pate production to the new space.
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Don't let this fool you—vegetarians are surprisingly welcome here; the menu has a kale salad and plenty of other meat-free options.
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The standup rail along the south wall will be a boon for diners who don't snag one of the 20-odd seats.

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