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Designing and constructing clothing has been a lifelong pursuit for Fioravanti, who taught herself to sew when she was only eight years old.
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For Fioravanti, clothing design was always a family affair. Descending from a line of Scottish immigrants, her father was the last owner of her family's century-old wool mill, a manufacturer of everything from buffalo plaid for garments to billiard cloth. Her mother also used that wool to make the family's clothing. Here we see Fioravanti's daughter Julia modelling her deerskin tunic over a natural denim utility skirt.
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Stop us if you've heard this one before but this Fioravanti cotton-lycra dress is just so fresh and so clean!
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These pieces, a white knit semi-transparent striped skirt and long-sleeved top, are from the designer's Spring 2014 collection.
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Showcasing layers, texture, and natural hues rather than bold print or color, Fioravanti's designs reflect the influence of her multi-generational family history in the woolen industry. They're geared towards utility and longevity. Her minimal designs are at once timeless and totally modern. Shown here is a black pongee knit dress with linen mesh sleeves.
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Fioravanti's pieces are mostly seasonless and always ready-to-wear, and these two outfits from her Fall 2014 collection show just that.
Left: black knit semi-transparent long sleeve top with long wool utility skirt
Right: mill coat over a black knit tube dress
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This collection of images represents Fioravanti's inspiration for her Fall 2014 collection that we'll see on the runway in Bellevue this September. Natural hues—black, browns, and grays—with leather textiles and a wool mill.
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We asked the designer who she would most like to dress? and she replied, "I am not that enamored with celebrity; however, I love Cate Blanchett's style and casual vibe."
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