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Behind the scenes with Seattle designer Rebekah Adams
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After traveling around the globe, Rebekah Adams most recently landed in the Seattle scene and brought her ethical production of unconventional materials with her.

Image courtesy Rebekah Adams
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Army greens
Adams is big on fair-trade fashion and upcycling, hence this reclaimed army blanket blazer with track pants from the fall 2013 senior collection for Meredith College in North Carolina.
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It's in the layers
Adams' designs combine origami-esque layers with winter military wools for a play on structure and texture. Adams talked to the IDRS panel about using found materials from her husband's troop gear for inspiration and embellishment.

Image courtesy Rebekah Adams
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Safe Landing
Sure, she's big on boysih military vibes, but the girl can also make a dress. For her IDRS collection, Adams sourced a mix of vintage, thrift store, custom printed, and old military supplies, like parachutes, for her materials.

Image courtesy Rebekah Adams
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Kimono jacket
It's not all about Americana, the designer also has a penchant for traveling, groovy prints, and a good old statement jacket.

Image courtesy Rebekah Adams
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Adams returned from road tripping around the east coast with collection inspiration. Come runway time, you can expect styles whose shapes and hues draw from the juxtaposition of old stone architecture and modern skyscrapers.

Image courtesy Rebekah Adams
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Haute inspo
With her degree in fashion merchandising and design from Meredith College, the designer says she creates "androgynous, tailored, painstakingly handcrafted in the USA, and fair-trade conscious" clothes. Adams' borrowed-from-the-boys designs draw from big-wigs like Haider Ackermann (whose runway look is shown here) who go big on boyish structure.

Image via Vogue
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The gal's hubby paratroops for the military, so it's fitting that Adams draws from the fabric and colors of parachutes. Images like these French paratroopers are the cornerstone for her IDRS designs.

Image via Daily Mail
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Who I'd most like to dress
We asked Adams who she'd most like to dress; top of the list is Tilda Swinton. "I greatly admire her spirit for fashion and androgynous look and I would love to contribute with my clothing."

Image via Jan Welters
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Dream to dress
"I have been following blogger Karla Deras for years. Her love of fashion and independent spirit is bewitching and I would love to work with her one day."

Image via Karla's Closet
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