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City slicker
An FIT grad, designer Brian Cuddy of Cuddy now works out of Ballard creating digitally printed pieces that turn heads in a good way.
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Prints are the new black
It's all in the details; when starting a project, Cuddy uses a specific type of intensely colored artist's paper that he hand-cuts into patterns which are then photographed and digitally printed onto silk.
Image: Leo Lam
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He developed and refined his paper cutting skills after discovering jianzhi, a Chinese paper cutting style from the Han Dynasty, while living in Shanghai. For this abstract print, the designer cut thousands of small pieces of paper to channel the artist Ellsworth Kelly.
Image: Leo Lam
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Print Parade
Growing up in NYC, Cuddy was constantly creating and surrounding himself with art. He began designing and making clothes for himself at the age of 14. He cites Geneviève Claisse's work as a basis for the circular design on this dress that he recently showed to the IDRS panel.
Image: Leo Lam
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Modern muse
Most designers covet top models, Cuddy covets MOMA art like this Ellsworth Kelly. Frequenting the museum for the past 25 years, he considers his MOMA pass a tool he can't work without. Well, that and the vintage Hoffritz scissors he stole from his gran while still in design school.

Image via MOMA
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City and Color
Obviously art plays a huge role in Cuddy's design aesthetic. When he's stuck he’ll go through books featuring artists like Frank Stella (shown here), Josef Albers, and Sol LeWitt. When that won't do, a walk to the Seattle Asian Art Museum usually promises some inspiration.

Image via Poul Webb
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It's all about color and '70s geometrics for Cuddy who constantly turns to Joseph Albers' (shown here) book Interaction of Colors as a reference for ideas on hues. The designer pledges his inspiration loyalty to artists who have a great sense of color and composition that translates into prints well.

Image via Metropolitan Museum of Art
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Potential client
We asked Cuddy who he'd like to put in his best pieces. His first choice? Rachel Parcel of Pink Peonies."I love the way Rachel wears color and prints in a modern way. I'd dress her in an amazing printed dress in a bright pink along with some amazing accessories."

Image via Pink Peonies
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Playing dress up
When asked who his dream client to dress would be, Cuddy listed off fellow blogger Julie Engel of Gal Meets Glam. "Julie's style is feminine and fun. I'd put her in an easy blouse in a bright color with skinny white jeans for a casual weekend look."

Image via Gal Meets Glam
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