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SLIDE SHOW: Get inspired by Hartsock and Siegfried's elegant engagement party. Catering director Vanessa Volkman shares all the dining details.
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Volkman's Favorite Dish: 'The miniature mason jars of Dungeness crab pot pie are adorable and just as tasty as they sound. The dish perfectly balances the comfort and heartiness of a pot pie with a rich and sophisticated brandy cream sauce with a mirepoix of vegetables. The top and bottom crust offer texture contrast, since the top crust was a flakey butter pastry and the bottom crust was layered Yukon gold scalloped potatoes. The dish makes you feel loved as you eat it!'
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'Des and Chris were great about allowing their vendors the chance to be creative and do what they do best,' says Volkman. 'With us, they knew they wanted to share a menu that featured the wonderful local Northwest ingredients, but were open to how it was done.'

Flowers by Flora Nova
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The center of the soiree was centered on the four-letter word defined here and all the warmth and comfort that love brings.
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In line with wedding-dessert trends, the last course featured a table with an array of sweets including this pear tart, caramel popcorn, and fruit jellies.
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