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Salish Honey from Salish Lodge and Spa, $12.95
The hotel's 12 hives produce the signature raw honey, but it's also being served in the city. On Thursday December 20 and Saturday December 22, the Salish Lodge chef will hand out free samples of toast with bacon jam or honey from a pop-up shop in Pacific Place. salishlodge.myshopify.com
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Giraffe Robe from Alexis Hotel, $90
Like other properties in the Kimpton Hotel chain, downtown's Alexis Hotel bucks the plain white robe tradition in favor of wild animal prints. The giraffe print appropriately comes in size XXL, while zebra and leopard versions fit the shorter beasts among us. kimptonstyle.com
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Bear Foot Stool from The Edgewater, $425
We tried to steal the fuzzy footrest from Seattle's waterfront Edgewater, but it wouldn't fit in our suitcase. We do wonder where they find such perfectly cube-like bears to stuff. shopnoblehouse.com
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Fleecy Wool Mattress Pad from Willows Lodge, $250
The Australian wool is just one reason why the beds at the Willows Lodge beds in Woodinville are preferable to our own lousy mattresses. shopwillows.myshopify.com
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Accessory Bags from Ace Hotels, $15
These cotton bags can be used when you're hauling your own iron or hairdryer around, or they make perfect carrying sacks for shoes. Ace's shop has hip products from all the Ace locations: Seattle, Portland, Palm Springs, and New York. shop.acehotel.com
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Spa Towels from W Hotel Seattle, $9–$30
Steal a hotel from the W Hotel spa and they probably won't let you come back. Buy a towel from the W Hotel spa and your house guests will think you're high class. Bonus gift idea: Peruse the W Hotel store to find their official vibrators. Really. whotelsthestore.com
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Empress Hotel Tea from Fairmont Empress Hotel, $21.95
Did you read about the special Empress blend in Seattle Met last month? Your Grandma would love the blend sourced from Assam, Tanzania, China, and Ceylon—plus she probably knows where all those countries are. fairmontstore.com
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