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Ornate scalloped edges add a bit of interest to the expanded opening of the kitchen. Photo by Sara D'Eugenio.
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Though it'll look much different at dinner, Red Cow is lovely in the soft midday light thanks to windows along the front. Photo by Sara D'Eugenio.
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A larger version of this fisheye mirror that hangs near the entryway will adorn the wall across from the bar. Photo by Sara D'Eugenio.
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The simply dressed dining room is bathed in shades of grey. Photo by Sara D'Eugenio.
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Steak calls for wine, and Red Cow's got plenty (plus a full bar, too). Photo by Sara D'Eugenio.
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Testing and tasting in the kitchen. Photo by Sara D'Eugenio.
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This intimate two-top may just be the best seat in the house. Photo by Sara D'Eugenio.
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