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The new bar area seats 40 and is open only to the 21-plus crowd.
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If you grab one of the 10 bar seats, make sure to look up and muse over the wooden twig light fixture (we think it looks like a cocoon, but Jon Christiansen, the beverage director, thinks it resembles a creature out of Spirited Away). Best attempted after a drink or two.
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The windows along the two-tops slide open for a patiolike feel.
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The bar selection is gin heavy with 13 local and 15 London-dry-style gins but they've got some pretty awesome whiskeys too, with relative rarities like Pappy Van Winkle and aged Taylor.
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There's also shōchū, mezcal, agave, vermouth, and "more amaros than any other Asian restaurant in the world," according to Jon Christiansen.
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The bevy of bitters at the bar—from mango, thai chilli, banana, and other tropicals to a wooden-cask aged cherry—are all housemade.
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The soda program, housemade too, uses dill syrup, lemon grapefruit bitters, basil seed, fennel fronds among others.
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Don't be surprised to see bottles of Chinese cinnamon, star anise and dried hibiscus at the bar. Some cocktails get a garnish of flamed star anise or cinnamon right before serving.
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A ceramic orange tree sits by a window, presumably, for prosperity and luck.
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