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The main dining room is a wonderland of textures and colors. But the greatest eye-catcher is a center column of detailed mosaic work that creates an angular theme reflected throughout the restaurant. Photo by Sara D'Eugenio
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Local designer Erich Ginder hand-crafted the various light fixtures in both the bar and dining rooms—these brass beauties are on movable hinges. Photo by Sara D'Eugenio
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Floor-to-ceiling windows offer dramatic daylight—and a striking view for sunsets behind the Great Wheel—in the bar area. Photo by Sara D'Eugenio
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Another of Ginder's light fixtures, this hand-blown glass cover that hangs over the bar-top features a swirl of gold glitter, a touch you'll find throughout Aragona's details. Photo by Sara D'Eugenio
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The origami-like pendant lights that float above diners' heads are another Ginder creation and were assembled by hand by the restaurant staff. Photo by Sara D'Eugenio
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Kate Jessup is the local mosaic artist created the stunning large-scale piece in the dining room, and her work can be seen throughout the restaurant (her work in the bathrooms is particularly fantastic). Photo by Sara D'Eugenio
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Where the bar chairs are mismatched and clearly found items, the dining chairs have a history, too: they were covered in red lacquer originally and sandblasted to the natural wood seen here. Photo by Sara D'Eugenio
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This nook may just be the best seat in the house. Around the back side of the bar and with a view into the dining room (and out onto Post Alley), this windowed triangle will soon be filled with a custom-built, cast steel table that will seat six to eight diners. Photo by Sara D'Eugenio
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The wallpaper is a Ginder design, a pattern he calls Warez Rose that looks floral from afar, but is actually a computational series of punctuation marks, letters, and numbers when you see it up close. Photo by Sara D'Eugenio
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If you like Spinasse's open kitchen, you'll love the same here; grab a seat at the counter and watch the creation of dishes like this grilled octopus. Photo by Sara D'Eugenio
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Seafood shows up again in this dish, black rice with squid meatballs called arroz meloso de albondigas de calamar, nabitos y migas. Photo by Sara D'Eugenio
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Shoppers in the adjoining mall can get a sneak peak into Aragona's kitchen through this framed peep hole. Photo by Sara D'Eugenio
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