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"The person makes something sexy or classic. I don’t necessarily think that it's the dress or the shoes that make a person look a particular way. They can enhance a woman, but ultimately, the woman makes it herself.” - Charlotte Olympia Dellal at the downtown Nordstrom on March 26.
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The "Purrrfect" Popup was nestled into Salon Shoes; the star of the show: the iconic Kitty flat, which was originally Dellal's take on a men’s smoking slipper. In her designs and her personal look, Dellal often cites Old Hollywood as an inspiration.
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Yet Dellal is as famous for that towering gold platform that makes legs look millions of miles long. "I try to start my day off in high heels to elevate me in every sense of the word," she told us.
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If you guessed that Dellal is a cat lady, you’d be wrong. She's actually a proud dog owner. Once upon a time she designed a poodle heel, but cats reign supreme in her design world.
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Wedges are a girl’s best friend; Dellal says the shape is "very much about form and function. I always like to design a pair of shoes and try them on to make sure they are comfortable. “
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A mother-daughter duo at the public event half-jokingly admitted they “each bought a single shoe.” While the two women are (unfortunately) not the same size, sacrifices must be made for the sake of embroidered suede shoes handmade in Italy.
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Perspex clutches are clearly in. Dellal’s signature playful accessories can be the focal point of any look. This tiger box clutch with pom-pom clasp is no exception.
Image: Sarah Oh
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Guests were treated to complimentary nail art application featuring—you guessed it—kitties.
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For spring 2014, the Kitty flat has been reinvented as the "sun-kissed kitty" and comes in a limited edition of colorways including pink, yellow, blue, orange, turquoise, and green.
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