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"[Freelance model] Neko Jamilla was part of our on-going studio series where we would photograph people in our community who we found influential with their personal style and overall vibe," says stylist and photographer Kirby Calvin.
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If Neko looks familiar, you're right; this is the second time she's been featured in a Seattle Met-shared photoshoot. Is she our town's Kate Moss? Maybe so. Maybe so.
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"Neko was someone I was constantly seeing on the streets of Capitol Hill and that cool mama really caught my eye," says Calvin. "I like her style because it's colorful and eccentric with the perfect touch of boyish/androgynous. I did a closet visit with her before the shoot so everything she's wearing is her own and mostly vintage."
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"I think part of the inspiration was Neko herself; not just her look but the boldness and strength and confidence behind that woman and the energy she gave off," says Daneshmandi.
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Daneshmandi added the tape elements in post-production. It's one of her signatures; this sort of elegantly modern tinkered-with vibe. "Along with some of her poses and expression, the tape started to create a it's own tension and character. It pulled certain parts of the body back, it enhanced certain expressions, it framed and restricted, the tape and it's placement was very much the visual reaction to the image made," she says.
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