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A somewhat unexpected keyword in the mix at the new Butch Blum? Irreverent. As in what Smith-Blum calls the "award dump wall." Let it not be said that the Armani suits and Cividini knitwear is taking itself too seriously.
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Says Smith-Blum: "The media center has quickly become the heart of the store (see our Facebook and recent blog posts). In the photo you see a video stream of current designers in this group."
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"All of the fixtures—tables and hanging elements—are on wheels. We will be changing the layout of the store monthly," says Smith-Blum.
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You're familiar with the idea of an open kitchen in the restaurant scene? Get ready for an open alterations area. "The tailor shop has a 42 foot ceiling, and we will be taking in outside alterations with the expansion—but only on quality clothing," Smith-Blum told us.
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