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“Rye whiskey simple syrup: great in drinks, great on pancakes.” - Ashley Pugh, MistralKitchen, on essential ingredients

Go behind the bar with Pugh in a web-exclusive video.
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“It’s about the person sitting there, and finding out what they really love.” - Tara McLaughlin, The Zig Zag Café, on customer service

Go behind the bar with McLaughlin in a web-exclusive video.
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“Is it ever okay to hit on a bartender? Sure. Just don’t be upset when you get shot down.” - Kristen Finstad, The Hideout, on trying your luck

Go behind the bar with Finstad in a web-exclusive video.
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“It’s not as though the theme from Cheers is audible, but there’s definitely a vibe in the room.” - Anna Wallace, The Walrus and the Carpenter, on knowing when you’re in a good bar
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“The ice is super, super dense so it doesn’t melt as fast.”- Anu Apte, Rob Roy, on why the bar uses hand-carved block ice in its famous old fashion's

Go behind the bar with Apte in a web-exclusive video.
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“I have a thing for pirates.” - Marley Tomic-Beard, Golden Beetle, on naming her original cocktail after lady swashbuckler Mary Reed

Go behind the bar with Tomic-Beard in a web-exclusive video.
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“They order gin and tonics with a bunch of limes and I’m like: ‘Have you ever had a gimlet?’ ” - Chelsea Anderson, Go behind the bar with Anderson in a web-exclusive video.
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