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Molly Moon's Baracky Road Ice Cream
The President's road to re-election has been long, a bit rocky at times, but the ice cream version is pretty sweet.
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Cupcake Royale's ObamaCakes
Founder Jody Hall has met President Obama—and Michelle. So it's not surprising that her chainlet offers chocolate and vanilla ObamaCakes bearing the campaign logo. There's also the nonpartisan election assortment and Rainbow Gay-bies because "baby, they were baked that way." Tweet, Facebook, or Instagram a photo of yourself voting and use the #voteforcupcakes hashtag and the cupcakery will dish out a free babycake or ice cream scoop on Election Day.
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Little Rae's Bakery Candidate Cookies
Chew out the guy you're voting against...it's a great way to show aggression while keeping the Secret Service out of it. These sugar cookies bearing the visages of Obama and Romney are available at local grocers like Whole Foods, PCC, West Seattle Thriftway, and Ballard Market. Also, Diva Espresso at Harborview and City Grind in City Hall.
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Outlander Brewery: The Presidential Honey Ale
There's Obama, drinking the first-ever White House-brewed beer, Ale to the Chief. Now that the recipe has gone public, Fremont's Outlander Brewery has a batch fermenting, and will be debuting it during an election night party. Stop by for a pint, all-day happy hour prices, and election results on a big screen
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Pink Door's Obama-Rama
The combination of Peabody Jones vodka, Cointreau, freshly pressed white grape juice, and lemon, in a sugar-rimmed cocktail glass will have you ordering another round. Just make sure you filled your ballot out first. Available through Election Day, and just $1 at Tuesday night's election night party.
Image: Pink Door
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5 Spot's Red or Blue Doors
Make sure you enter the Queen Anne eatery according to your party loyalties. The restaurant is tallying how many people use the red door versus the blue one and posting the results on Facebook each day. Once you're inside, don't miss the red or blue cocktails and the Washington D.C-themed menu, filled with dishes like Lame Duck Confit and In Cod We Trust.
Image: 5 Spot
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Metropolitan Market's 2012 Cheese Choice
A full-fledged cheese choice election took place at Metropolitan Market this month, with customers nominating three top cheese candidates at store locations around town. And we thought two options were complicated.
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