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It’s a traditional Jewish deli, updated to fulfill any foodie’s dream of local and seasonal excellence. Owner Jeff Sanderson—the Americanization of his grandfather’s name, Stopsky—has filled the south wall of this tidy downtown Mercer Island spot with crisply-framed photos of Jewish family and community members, filled bakery displays with fine cookies and pastries and glorious loaves and perhaps the region’s best bagels (thank Stopsky’s baker, one of the founders of Columbia City Bakery), and stuffed deli cases with house-smoked deli meats and mustards and pickled salads. These the affable, knowledgeable servers can package to go or whip into lunch plates like a hot sandwich of thick, spicy pastrami with sinus-rooting mustard on fine seeded rye: a $7.50 revelation. For four bucks more you can upgrade to Wagyu pastrami, proving that this ain’t your Bubbe’s deli. This revisionist approach—kasha varnishkes made with local farro instead of groats, latkes Benedict—hasn’t been everyone’s glass of seltzer. “That’s one beautiful thing about Jewish people," smiles Sanderson. "Nobody hesitates to tell you their opinion.”

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Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch
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Child Friendly, Takeout

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