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Enter the most nondescript office park in Redmond and you’ll find yourself in the eye of Lisa Dupar’s culinary storm. Our region’s biggest-name caterer—just ask Martha Stewart and Bill Clinton, two she’s fed—runs her burgeoning empire from this enormo industrial kitchen, which buzzes behind glass like a Humans Can Cook! exhibit at the zoo. The restaurant itself is a sprawling expanse of unupholstered surfaces and vinyl-covered tables—just right for the flocks of Redmond families who love the place—with a jazzy verve and a menu of innovative crowd-pleasers that made Dupar famous to begin with. The unbridled zest of such dishes as fire-grilled flatbread topped with tequila rock shrimp, roasted garlic, jalapeños, and cilantro oil; or a smoked salmon benedict on toasted scallion cheddar biscuits, poached eggs, and hollandaise testifies to the truth too few chefs really get: Only flavor matters. All this, plus warm service and a quick-serve takeout coffee bar with nummy pastries.

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