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Ballard’s La Carta de Oaxaca is where Seattleites learned to spoon hunks of moist chicken flesh off the bone, swaddle them in warm corn tortillas, then lavish them thickly with a mole negro of unfathomable nuance and fire. Now atop Queen Anne, La Carta’s little sister Mezcaleria Oaxaca peddles the same carefully traditional fare—Oaxacan tacos and enchiladas and posoles—with the addition of slow-roasted, chili-marinated goat, and a mezcal bar serving 13 varieties of that cowboy cousin of tequila. Atmo is slightly folksier and more homespun than that of its Ballard sib—bring the family!—but the joint radiates its authenticity through a haze of amber light worthy of any worm.

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