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First there was the truck: a roving purveyor of Spam sliders and kimchi fried rice and ginger-chicken tacos that got a city scratching its head (Korean-Hawaiian-Mexican fusion?) and rubbing its tummy—even seizing the attention of a nation by running away with Good Morning America‘s Best Food Cart in the Nation award. The reason is simple: vibrant flavors colliding affordably. The Spam sliders confer a sheen of respectability upon the "meat," wonderful on sweet Hawaiian rolls with slaw and cilantro; tacos are even better, especially the short rib variety, with moist marinated beef and crunchy vegetables and aromatics on corn tortillas. Best $2.25 you’re going to spend in this town. In keeping with the mobile-to-mortar trend Marination recently added a bona fide address—a 600-square-foot boite off Broadway, Marination Station slings the same vittles, along with outdoor seating and beer and wine.

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