Facing East

Editor’s Pick

$$ Pan-Asian

Walk into this glossy downtown Bellevue bistro and find a well-oiled machine in full thrum, as dozens of sure-footed servers dance out beautiful renditions of that dazzling cultural hybrid known as Taiwanese cuisine—lots of pork, lots of dumplings, lots of fermented stuff, lots of fried stuff, lots of five-spice, lots of shellfish. Lots of satisfied sighs from stylish young Taiwanese on dates. Don’t miss the rich, authentic beef noodle soup or the dreamy pork "burger," featuring fatty morsels of marinated pork with cilantro and peanuts and hot-and-sweet sauces inside a pale, sweet moon of a bun. Alas, the love of fermentation here does not extend to adult beverages.

Last updated: 10/18/2013