Din Tai Fung

Editor’s Pick

$$ Chinese

The coup represented by Bellevue scoring the only Northwest outpost of the revered Taiwanese chain Din Tai Fung cannot be overstated: Upon its Lincoln Square opening this fall, waits were clocking in at two and three hours. The reason? Quite simply the finest xiao long bao, or Chinese soup dumplings, in the universe. From the creamy entryway of this high-end dumpling house you can see behind the glass 20 or so young chefs hand-rolling, filling, and decoratively pinching the tender-fleshed little morsels, whose pretty swirls will arrive at your table in their round bamboo boxes, to be plucked out with chopsticks, then placed carefully upon a soup spoon. Pierce the pale dough with your chopstick; the spoon bowl will flood with the savory broth. That’s your cue to put the whole glorious mess in your mouth and thank god there are nine more in the box.

Last updated: 06/13/2012